Vincent Audio tube preamp SA-T7 & SP-332 power amp

I was just curious if anyone can comment on this combination.  not a ton of info out there about these (the SP-332 is new) but i was hoping someone might be able to describe the build quality, sonics, etc.   thanks 
I'll try to help, seeing you have no replies. I have heard the SA-T7. It's quite a good Pre. I have not heard the inbuilt Dac. IMO you are better off trying to find a SA-T8. Roll the Tubes and a Cap upgrade and it's one of the best Pre's available.

The SP-332 is the newer version of SP-331. I've heard the SP-331MK which is good for the money. 

Vincent products are generally Good to Great and excellent Value for Money. Best for you to audition to form your own opinion.
I cannot comment on the pre-amp but I have been using the Vincent 332 for about 8 months.  To give you some context my previous amps were the Parasound HCA-1500 and the Nuforce STA-200.  The Nuforce was a great sounding little amp but it ran very hot driving my Revel Performa 206s.  Hence I gave the Vincent a try.  It is a very smooth amp with a warm sound but not quite as detailed as the Nuforce.  It has tremendous low end punch and drives my Revels effortlessly and frankly sounds more powerful than its 150 WPC into 8 ohms rating (250 wpc into 4 ohms). Given my taste in music is primarily rock, the Vincent sonic signature is an excellent match although it sounds good with all genres of music. The build quality is outstanding. As noted by the previous poster, give it an audition and see if it meets your needs.  All I can say is that I am very happy with my purchase of the Vincent. I will admit that I am a sucker for the power meters which I know are not very useful but they look cool.
@initforthemusic thanks for the comments I wasn’t even aware of the T8

@rurdangaray haha I confess I’m a sucker for the meters as well. I read that the 331 is hybrid using class A tube power for first 10 watts.  Is that true for the 332?  
I’m in the market for a pair of la scalars.  I know they benefit from an all tube component (primaluna integrated) and don’t need much but the Vincent separates are intriguing.  I am mostly rock, some jazz..never playing too loud.  
I believe the tubes are in the amps driver stage. The amp is solid state, running class A for the first 10 watts. I owned a Vincent 226 MK integrated and wish I never sold it. 

You would need to find a 2nd hand SA-T8, but it would be worth it. Roll in better Tubes and will compete with some very highly regarded and priced Pre's.
@rurdangaray any idea if the tubes can be rolled in the 332?  

@initforthemusic whats the difference between the sa t8 and t7? 
Not sure MJB about whether the tubes in the 332 can be rolled.  The tubes in the 332 are in the input stage and consist of a 6N16 Tubes and a 6N15 Tube.  You can reach out to Audio Advisor which sells the Vincent line and they should be able to answer your question.

The SP-332 is an evolution for the SP-331 and all the product information I have indicates it is strictly a AB amp.  There is a very similar sounding Vincent amp call the SP-331MK which cost a few hundred dollars more and which does operate in Class A for the first 10 watts.

If Class A operation interests you, there is a new Vincent Integrated amp called the SV-700 which is a tube/solid state hybrid like the SP-332 amp but offers the user a choice of Class A operation for 50 WPC or Class AB for 100 WPC.  There is a button on the Integrated that allows users to choose the mode of operation,
SA-T7 incorporates a Dac. and only has RCA outs.
SA-T8 is fully Balanced with XLR's. The SA-T8 has better dimensionality, soundstage and Musical Flow.

Test in Europe and Scandinavia suggests that Vincent to a big step forward with the T7 !

Are you able to Post Links to the Tests? I've searched but unable to find.

FWIW, 3 friends/acquaintances A/B'd SA-T7 & SA-T8 (both Stock), all 3 including owner of SA-T7, preferred the SA-T8.

I then A/B'd, SA-T8 was a Clear Winner. However I had upgraded Tubes in SA-T8, which may not have been a fair comparison.

The SA-T7 is a good Pre, and a great Value, but the SA-T8 is outstanding.

The main difference and could be why some may prefer SA-T7, is the SA-T7 is more a "Studio" Sounding Pre (some use the term "Detailed"). The SA-T8 is more "Live" Music Pre. a sound I much prefer.
I own a Vincent/Kavent preamp that is astonishingly good, and was only replaced by a tubed preamp...still have the Kavent S-33 (Vincent SA-93 rebadged for some reason) though, and will likely keep it forever. Great preamp.
The tests are in German and Danish.
can provide a link if you need 
Yes. That would be interesting to read. English Translation?

Thanks for the links. I had seen the I-fidelity review before. In fact I have the SP-T700's in my Collection. Hifi4all are extremely effusive in their praise of the SA-T7. Depending on what "flavour" you favour you won't go wrong with either of the Vincent Pre's.
There are not many reviews of the 332 amp.