Vincent Audio tube preamp SA-T7 & SP-332 power amp

I was just curious if anyone can comment on this combination.  not a ton of info out there about these (the SP-332 is new) but i was hoping someone might be able to describe the build quality, sonics, etc.   thanks 

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I'll try to help, seeing you have no replies. I have heard the SA-T7. It's quite a good Pre. I have not heard the inbuilt Dac. IMO you are better off trying to find a SA-T8. Roll the Tubes and a Cap upgrade and it's one of the best Pre's available.

The SP-332 is the newer version of SP-331. I've heard the SP-331MK which is good for the money. 

Vincent products are generally Good to Great and excellent Value for Money. Best for you to audition to form your own opinion.

You would need to find a 2nd hand SA-T8, but it would be worth it. Roll in better Tubes and will compete with some very highly regarded and priced Pre's.
SA-T7 incorporates a Dac. and only has RCA outs.
SA-T8 is fully Balanced with XLR's. The SA-T8 has better dimensionality, soundstage and Musical Flow.

Yes. That would be interesting to read. English Translation?

Are you able to Post Links to the Tests? I've searched but unable to find.

FWIW, 3 friends/acquaintances A/B'd SA-T7 & SA-T8 (both Stock), all 3 including owner of SA-T7, preferred the SA-T8.

I then A/B'd, SA-T8 was a Clear Winner. However I had upgraded Tubes in SA-T8, which may not have been a fair comparison.

The SA-T7 is a good Pre, and a great Value, but the SA-T8 is outstanding.

The main difference and could be why some may prefer SA-T7, is the SA-T7 is more a "Studio" Sounding Pre (some use the term "Detailed"). The SA-T8 is more "Live" Music Pre. a sound I much prefer.

Thanks for the links. I had seen the I-fidelity review before. In fact I have the SP-T700's in my Collection. Hifi4all are extremely effusive in their praise of the SA-T7. Depending on what "flavour" you favour you won't go wrong with either of the Vincent Pre's.