Vincent Amps

Has anybody used or heard these. I was thinking about trying them with my Vandersteen 1Cs.

Have the "little" Vincent integrated and had used them with 1C's. Very dynamic, punchy bass, not the last word in detail, but smooth sounding. I like it very much. Also used it with a vintage pair of DCM QED 1a's. That was a magical combination for some reason. It replaced an NAD integrated. Much better sounding overall and well built. IMHO I think it's a good value.
I heard the Vincent preamp and Power amp at a local audio store. The day he received it it was bright sounding. A week later I heard it on a pair of Usher speakers and I have to admit it caught my ear. I found it to be very interesting and it wasn't bright anymore. I heard an Audioquest recording Crecent Crawl Bruce Katz and it was sounding real nice. The speakers were either Usher CP6311 or CP 6371's. Bass was tight and highs were clean and natural. The midrange was actually very good and natural.
I'm going back for listen again in about a week to see if it got any better.
I have the Sheng Ya (Vincent) 300 WPC monoblocks ( first 100 W in class A). They sound fabulous on my Audio Physic Avanti Century speakers. I use Translucent (gold/silver) speaker cables and have a Paul Speltz naked autoformer connected to them.

I paid $1500 bucks on Audiogon for them and can say that I think I got the bargain of the century. They are very smooth, liquid, detailed without being etched and image quite nicely.
How do you like the trasnslucent speaker cables. I am using their interconnect and they are great. How do they compare sonicaly to the other speakers cables you used. These interconnects are definetly sleepers.
Dabarrie, the Translucent speaker cables are, in my system, nothing short of fabulous. I knew this literally within minutes of putting them in my system.

They cost almost twice as much as my LAT international top of the line speaker cables and they sound different, though not necessarily better. I love the way both cables sound. The LAT sounds a bit lighter in weight but has a very airy, spacious presentation. The Translucent sounds a bit heftier, is more liquid, and also images quite well.
Thanks for your input. I have been trying to pull up Translucent audio website but it seems that their website is no longer availible. Hope everything is ok, I know that the speaker cable buisness is very competitive and everyone is fighting for market share. I would suggest they work on their marketing some because they have an awesome product.

Of the 2 speaker cables you mentioned above which one is more transparent, blacker backgrounds, extended and has a better soundstage. FYI, When I added my Lessloss powercords and the translucent interconnect everything was so incredibly lifelike.
I had the 236 integrated. I liked it, but wasn't overwhelmed by it. I do, however, look for a sense of life, not "good bass" or whatever else part of the frequency spectrum comes to mind. I do look for cointinuousness, a trait first seen in the Jadis amps, also in the Hurricanes and the entire Antique Sound Lab line, and the Vincent did not seem to have that. I kept it for a year and then decided that it wasn't quite for me. It did have good imaging and soundstaging, though, so if that's what you want, it does do those things.
I would say the Translucent has the blacker backgrounds and; extension would be a literal tie between the Translucent and the LAT international and the soundstage width/depth to the LAT by a hair.

Both cables have "different" but excellent sound. The Vincent monoblocks that I had the great fortune of purchasing are excellent across the frequency spectrum and sound very lifelike - they give my brain the spatial cues that mimics live music. They have spanked by Audio Physic Avanti Centruy speakers in a way that they have never been subjected to and are giving me extreme sonic pleasure. Previously I had in a heavily modified (Joseph Chow, Audio Horizons) Audio Van Alstine Fet Valve 250 wpc hybrid amplifier that really sounds great, though compared to the Vincent monoblocks, more laid back with less heft on the bottom end and probably not as extended on the top end.

Nevertheless, the AVA is a superb performer. I have a Coda 250 wpc amplifier that is on my third two channel system running through a cheap SS parasound pre-amp (modified by Chow, Audiohorizons) that is a sonic tour de force. Great bass, lively mid-range, and non-fatiguing, extended highs.
To clarify, I did NOT have the Vincent monoblocks, I had the integrated.