Vacuum Tube Display Case

I'm new to vacuum tubes and have accumulated a few dozen that are sitting in a cardboard box wrapped in packing material.

I'd rather put them into some sort of display case, maybe like the shallow, foam backed glass cases I have seen to display collectible coins or arrowheads, with labels. Seems like it would make an interesting conversation piece. At least to me, a budding tubophile.

Anyone have any suggestions, including sticking with the cardboard box?
I am looking forward to the resposes myself. I have amassed many too many tubes. I have a bigger problem which is organization to access what I want .
At the moment I use the cardboard box method with rubberbanding matched pairs quads. The tube type or brand just gets mixed in at random.
I also use the plastic food storage bin without cover method.
The only tubes that are well isolated are my beloved 6SN7s. I have my 6SN7s in essentially 3 divisions. Too many to name. I've even kept some bad ones. I just can't bring myself to throw them out. No I never foist bad tubes on anyone ever but people do that , how do you think I got them?
A spice box rack may solve your problem. The commercial office drawer plastic or wire bins are 1/4-1/2 too short for most tubes and you cant see them very well.
You might do a general search on "shadowbox".These can be purchased at a variety of craft stores and can be found at "Bed,bath and beyond" type stores.They come in a variety of sizes .shapes and depths.They often come with hangers on the back and can be hung on the will like a picture.Also,you might take a look at the artwork of Joseph Cornell who created many amazing pieces using this type of design.It might inspire you to get creative.You know i see these things at the "Goodwill" and "Salvation Army" all the time.Just a few ideas-hope it works out for you.
Here's another thought - a three dimensionsl display. Find some attractive wood block, drill holes the size of the pin array at the bottom of each tube, or the base itself, and arrange the tubes as a three dimensional 'tube sculpture.' I've done it and it looks attractive and is certainly a conversation piece.
Or Jgiacalo, might it work to buy tube sockets and screw those onto niece pieces of wood?
Or Jgiacalo, might it work to buy tube sockets and screw those onto nice pieces of wood?
Sure. Tube sockets screwed into the wood could work nicely. They would actually let you experiment with placement before you attached them to the wood permanently; a big advantage over drilling holes.

Also, check to see if there any local hardwood or woodworking suppliers in your area. You might be able to find some pieces of truly beautiful wood to use as a base at a modest price.
It might be worthwhile emailing one of the officers of the Tube Collectors Association and asking their advice, and if they can point you to a supplier of suitable mounting bases and/or display cases.

For storage, as opposed to display, you can find suitable egg-crate tube boxes at Antique Electronic Supply. Click on "vacuum tube accessories" in the menu at the left, and then on "boxes and crating."

If you contact one of the Tube Collectors Association people, let us know what they have to say!

-- Al
The next time you get a delivery - keep the box!
I use the expanding wood trays used for storing silverware in drawers. I use cardboard inserts in the individual sections to separate tube type/brands etc. You can find these at most any store that sells kitchen supplies or big box stores like Costco etc. Very efficient and will hold a lot of tubes which are easily identifiable.
Timing was good on this thread for me. I had mine scattered around in cardboard boxes like others. I just got myself organized by buying a wall mount adjustable open shelving unit at Home Depot. That was the easy part. I inventoried my collection with descriptions and (my) cost. Now that was work!

I have 6 or so bad tubes I can't seem to throw out either. Funny thing is that my bad tubes all came from (reputable) dealers. Some were received bad and some went bad soon after I got them. I was surprised about the amount of work involved to return a $100.00 bad tube once from a dealer. This guy was down right nasty to me. He said my tube testers are flawed. Hmmmm, the other tube he sent tested good as well as 3 more pairs I have here. Oh well, he did finally give in and send a replacement.
I think the 6moons reviewed sjrangleon ebane has tubes displayed in wood.
Most fishing equipment stores will carry plastic cases for storing lures etc. If you need a larger storage box go to a store that specializes in salt water fishing. If you want a higher quality case, go to a fly fishing specialty store, they have some real nice display/storage cases for fly tying supplies.