My ARCAM AVR550 Receiver LED Lights Stop Displaying

I have an ARCAM AVR550 receiver.  My Sony 65 inch XBR TV is connected via HDMI to the receiver.  My cable TV company set up and programmed their remote to both power on and off my receiver as well as control the volume on my ARCAM.  When I select the power button on the cable TV remote it turns on both my ARCAM receiver and my TV simultaneously.

Suddenly tonight when I tried to power up my my TV/ARCAM the LED displayed on the ARCAM showed for about 2 to 3 seconds and then the display turned black.  I thought perhaps the ARCAM was having difficulty syncing with my TV or perhaps there was something wrong with my cable box to prevent the box from receiving both a strong video and audio signal.  I called the cable company and they diagnosed my cable box had an error message.  They reprogrammed the box and said it was receiving a strong audio and video signal.  However, every time I tried to power up my ARCAM the LED lights would come on for about 2 to 3 seconds and then the display went black.  After playing with it for an hour I suddenly heard audio from a TV program coming out of my tower speakers.  However, the TV was not displaying a picture.  I finally came to the conclusion maybe for some reason there was a LED display button I might have accidently pressed on the ARCAM remote that turns off the LED display in about 2 seconds after either turning the power on or when selecting different modes on the ARCAM remote.  

I turned on my Apple TV and selected the PVR mode on my ARCAM remote to try streaming TIDAL.  I selected the TIDAL app on the screen and I was able to play music through my ARCAM.  However, the display screen on my ARCM remained black.  

I wonder if anyone has any ideas on what might be happening?  ARCAM was recently purchased by Harmon International.  I called Harman and it went to voice mail.  I hope I will not have problems with their customer support like I had with ARCAM.  

As a novice, I hope I have been able to describe the problem I am having without confusing everyone.  This group has incredible knowledge and hopefully someone will understand what is possibly going on and come up with a solution.