Fading Display on NAD M3

Hello Everyone
I just noticed that display on my NAD M3 is fading in upper
left and lover right corner. Also letters BALANCE; TONE DEFEAT; SPEAKERS A; BI AMP 40,60,80,100Hz are almost
unreadable. Has anyone encountered similar problem. Is that
just the display or something else.
I would really appreciate any opinions about this problem.
Thanks in advance.
Just a guess but it could also be the power supply for the display. But I suspect it is the display itself that is failing. Contact NAD it may be a common problem that they may have a fix for.
Thank You much for respond.
The problem is that I recently purchased an Amplifier here
on Audiogon and seller and I trying to resolve the problem.
I really don't know, should I return the Amplifier or to try
to fix it. The new display itself is $210.00 plus $100.00
labor fee. If is the power supply problem it would be even
more expensive. I also contacted NAD and I am awaiting answer
from them.
I have the same issue with the M3. It seems NAD may have a quality control issues based on purchases of their products I have made in these later years.

Also, the volume button on my M3 remote became very difficult to engage without continuous pressure on it. It wasn't covered under warranty and was about $100 for another remote.

My M3 is just over two years old and still under warranty but my dealer is about 100 miles away. I will return the M3 for repair in about a week while I am on business in that area.

I have been with NAD about 30 years. Although their products sound and perform great I am moving on to other options in the future.
I've got the answer from NAD. Problem with the display is
actually problem with the software that NAD is using in M3.
OK thanks for that info.
Nice, so it turns out that you won't have to drop $$$ on a repair.
Hello Everyone,

I just found this thread. I am actually having the same problem. My M3 display is not as bright and hard to read. I noticed that someone mentioned that it was a software fix. Can this be done buy the consumer or do you have to take it in to NAD? If it can be done at home where would the software be and how do I go about fixing it?

Any help regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated.
I have the same fading display problem on my M3. Has anyone resolved the software issue mentioned by Kiza above?

Firmware update installation will solve this issue by allowing you to push the tone and balance button on the facia at the same time for about 5 seconds and the entire vacuum display will light up and you let it burn in for 48 hours like that. The fading is simply unused areas that don't glow as brightly as the commonly used areas. I had the same problem and this took care of it completely. Contact NAD support and they can email you the firmware to install using a RS232 cable from a PC to the M3.
Bavarian05 is correct - i just did this and it WORKED!
However, it is NOT the tone and balance button you need to press for 5 seconds (this only makes a factory reset), it's the balance and mode button you push down. Here is a short manual, after you've installed the recent software (version 1.9) - you can get it by writing to NAD and follow the instructions in the program exactly.

After installing:
- Shut down the amplifier totally
- Turn it on and wait for the "NAD M3" logo to disappear and the amp clicks.
- Hold the balance and mode button on the front of the amp until the display totally lids up - if you think you can see words, that is funny enough the functions used the most.
- Wait 48 hours, DO NOT TURN OFF THE AMP.
- After 48 hours, if the amp has not gone back in normal state, you can now put it in standby and then turn it all the way off and let it be turned off for at least 10 seconds before turning on again.

That should do the trick :) if anyone needs it, put your email and i will send the installation file from NAD. Remember to use a USB-->RS-232 DB-9 cable, and installing the driver before using it, then everything will go smooth.

Regards Jonas
Hi Jonas,

Is It possible to send me the firmware to repair the display.

I have the same problem.

Thank you

Dear friends, can anyone send me new soft for NAD M3 ?

Thanks a lot!
I contacted NAD and they just said here is a company that will repair your unit. Can someone send me the software and instructions?
Hi! I am also interested in the manual and firmware. Please help us M3 lovers!
In the meantime i also got the firmware v1.12 from NAD. Thx!
Could i please get the latest firmware? bcan.one@gmail.com

Thanks in advance!
Could i also please get the latest firmware?


Hello all,

Just join the forum as I receive today my M3 bought on secondhand market. Mint condition but the display is fading as described in the post.

I have send a request directly to NAD support for the last firmware but have no news from them.

 I will also be very pleased if some body sent me  the Firmware by mail : mjawor01@gmail.com


Thank you for your help
The newer NAD stuff is junk-sourced to china and is noted to have QC issues. Sad.
Not a helpful post, jafant and seems out of character.



Comgratulations on your M3 purchase. It is a fantastic integrated. I owned one and really enjoyed it.

The build quality and functionality are outstanding and it sounds great.

I wish I could help your with the firmware but I'm sure someone here or at NAD will be along shortly to help.



Fully agree with you, first listen sessions confirm the sound quality of the M3  (sweet, precise and neutral with a large and deep imaging).

This gear is aside a combo Préamp Sudden LA4 + Poweramp Yamaha MX1000 diver a pair of KEF 105.2

Nad send me the 1.12 firmware witch involves the display Burn to restore the luminosity 

Why is jafant's post not useful ?
NAD has always had reliability problems and not everyone knows this fact .
After 1.12 firmware , and let burn for 12 hours , i notice local improvement , but not all display zones are well restored

I have also discover that:

Press Listen + balance =  display of the firmware version

Press Balance + Biamp when using the amp = Light up all VFD elements without time limits


I do have the latest version of the NAD M3 software (website) however I cannot find any manual explaining how to update it. Can anybody send a link where the manual is posted?!

Appreciate your help. 

That firmware for display test did the trick on my M51 DAC...   
The manual on how to update the M51 is supplied with the new firmware. I do not have a clue how to do this on a M3
Contact NAD, they were very helpful.   They sent me the update via email
I am already in touch with NAD in Austria. Right now it takes more than two weeks. Till now no answer on how to update my M3.

Thats why I joined in. 

I used to own an M3/M4/M5 and had a similar problem.  I returned the (two week old) unit to my dealer and they did some sort of software update which solved that problem.
In the past I've owned several NAD components and have found they just need repairs, not enough to abandon the brand, but nearly every NAD component I purchased needed repair.
I wrote to NAD quite some time ago. They mentioned that they will get in touch with the "producer" and will come back to me. .....

Can anybody who upgraded to 1.12 send me a manual on how to to it?

Hi I'm having the same issue with My NAD M3. I'll email NAD and hope they send me the Firmware upgrade
Any one have any recomendations of a turntable suitable with a MAD M3.
The instructions come with the upgrade. Connect your M3 to your PC with an RS 232 cable and the software guides you through the upgrade. It's easy peasy. Phone NAD North America tech support: 1-800-263-4666 ext 4445 then ask them to email you the file M3Upgrade_V1.12.zip or email David Dunn in tech support  DDunn@lenbrook.com.
In the 80s, NAD was good, musical, a bargain, and dependable.
Unfortunately that seems to have changed.
There is no there there in nearly all the old firms . Just names owned by marketers .
Hi M3 lovers, 

I just got a defective M3 yesterday. Among all issues, there is the screen issue! Could anyone provide me with a relevant firmware and instructions to solve this issue please? 

I also got a "protected mode" issue yesterday when listening to the amp. After 1 hour of listening, the left channel didn't work anymore and I got the "protected mode" screen ... also got a non working volume potentiometer ... well there are some work to do to get it fine and if you encountered these kind of issues, your advices are welcome!



jafant8,639 posts05-24-2017 11:09amThe newer NAD stuff is junk-sourced to china and is noted to have QC issues. Sad.Couldn't agree more. I will never buy again anything from the NAD.New Adcom Dimension.

Hi guys, 

I have the same problem (firmware v1.12).
Please, could someone send me the last version?

email me:  eded03@yahoo.com.br

I tried directly NAD but with no success.

Thanks in advace.


If it is like the M51 DAC there is a VFD test mode....if so enter the test mode and leave the display on overnight.  Cycle the power and hopefully the characters will be evenly lit
Hello to everyone

I have the same problem with the fading display in my nad M3. I tried to upgrade with the 1.12 firmware but my laptop’s display is stucked in the following message “sent upgrade command. Waiting for synchronisation” and nothing happens.
I would really appreciate any help about this problem.

Many thanks in advance
Hello. Can someone send me firmware for my NAD M3 ? Thanks in advance. 
My mail : badyl00@gmail.com