Used Tube Preamp Suggestions

Looking for suggestions on a used ( because the budget is under 1K, and preferably in the 600-800 range ) tube preamp to match with my new tube amp. I don't use a phono stage, just a line, so a strong phono stage would only be good for possible re-sale. I'm a little concerned about buying something "vintage" and not getting the time in down the road. I'm leaning towards an Audio Research SP9 mkII or a Rogue Perseus which I read a review it was noisy. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Rich
What's the rest of your system look like? And what tube preamps have you heard and liked before?

Are you a warmth and tubey fan, or do you more into absolute neutrality?
Rogue 66 Magnum should be in your price range.
Juicy Music Peach linestage - on the 'gon right now for 825.
Run, don't walk, this is a no-brainer.
If your amp can take a relatively high out put impedence (3500 ohms) and you want a sound that is on the warm side of neutral but retains resolution and high frequency (consistent with, or exceeding components in its price range) don't overlook the Primaluna 3. I can assure you that it will offer a real sonic alternative to the ARC SP9 or the Rogue.
the joule electra's are also really really nice
Joule is a very nice pre but will not be found under $1K (if you can find one at that price, make sure its not hot)! You can do better than the ARC SP-9 since you don't need a phono stage. At the top of your price, you should be able to get a BT VK3i if you want a more neutral sound, or for a bit less and w more of a classic "tube" sound, there are probably a couple of CJ line stages that would be available.
I second

Have not seen one in a long time....not for that price.

If I did not have my present pre....well, you get the picture.

*do not know the seller and did not see the listing but if it is true - just get it , trust me.

Personally I would go with CJ, one of the finest preamp builders around.
i throw in my opinion for the tad-150 signature. they can only be had used, but are a tremendous value when you can find one. unlike some, they have two sets of outputs so you can run a sub from it if desired.
Manley Shrimp. Extremely good.
My system is a newly built Pentode/Triode Bob Latino ST-70 amp, with Klipsch Cornwalls, my back-up is a Dynaco 416 and Pat5-bi-fet both of which have given me over 25 years of service but I am upgrading now. I looked into the Peach preamp and personally just can't get by the looks, there is a Conrad Johnson and especially an Audio Research LS7 both very reasonable. Hmmm.
Audio Electronics ae-3 mkii tube preamp cary audio.
Currently for sale in agon at $800.
My tube friend suggested this preamp for me, but I went for something that has an onboard phono. I am not sure whether it was better to go for this and a separate phono.
VTL TL-2.5 is a great pc there are some listed now under $1000.
I'm liking the Audio Electronics ae-3 mkii preamp, like the looks, the reviews and the Cary association, if I can get the price. Thanks for that answer and suggestion. After that move what do you suggest for a CD player to upgrade the very old Sony I have, also keeping $ down.
That's quite a list of great suggestions. You can't go wrong with any of them. I'll throw in my recommendation for an AE-3 DJH. This is the previous version of the MkII. They come up in the classifieds frequently for $750-800.
Thanks for all the responses, I decided on a Cary AE3 mkll, that should be here in a couple of days. Rich
Take a look at:
Since Rcme53 is all done and happy, I want to throw one more recommendation for someone in the same situation.

Mapletree Line 2A SE Stereo Line Preamplifier

Very, very nice.
I love it.
One of my personal favorite underground brands.

What amp are you mating the AE3 mkII with?
I have the new AES Superamp mkII and it is an unbelievable amp. Hard to beat at its not to cheap $1800 price. I am using my DAC's direct to it. There is a beautiful soundstage and air with this combo. It has many SS qualities to it like very good bass and foot taping rhythm. This amp would match well with your preamp.