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USB DACs that outperforms OPPO 105D's internal DAC?
Thanks for all comments. Now I have more idea about playing music from USB drives and which devices are to look at under my budget.  
USB DACs that outperforms OPPO 105D's internal DAC?
Thanks for technical details link. I will read through and hope that I understand them thoroughly.  
USB DACs that outperforms OPPO 105D's internal DAC?
Thanks for your replay. I'm leaning to Bluesound Node N130. It fits my budget and looks like I can use a tablet to browse the music, and also I can use Qobuz or Spotify. Is it considered as a dedicated streamer?   
How do you find time to enjoy your $$$ speakers and system?
Sometimes I feel sorry that I am not spending as much time.  If you still work full time and if your kids are still around, it would be hard to spend more than an hour per day for the music. However, if you are a true music lover, you can still ... 
Building a new system after many years away, need some suggestions ... !
@sozocaps, Have you purchased a power amp yet? I have AI M3B and a new Quicksilver KT mono. I feel that they match pretty well. I think it will be a big improvement over your old quicksilver.  I have another set of amp/preamp (upgraded Plinius ... 
Help replacing 8" woofer on Gershman Avant Garde Rx-20
I bought a store demo GAG. Once I got it home, it buzzed on one particular CD. I thought it was the driver. The dealer ordered a new driver from Gershman and I brought the speaker back to the dealer and tested on his machine. Well, the buzz was h... 
How does Shure V15 Type IV compare?
I briefly had a Shure v15 Type 4. It was nice, but I liked Audio Technica AT-150MLX better. Recently I bought a vintage AT 160ML. It is even better than AT-150MLX.    
Plinius amp repair in Michigan
Good to hear your upgrade worked. I also had the ultimate upgrade for my SA102. M16P preamp is also upgrade. They sound noticeably better than before.     
How I Beat the System to Nab an Unbeatable System
@ihcho, Congratulations again! Now, I think it’s time to put that M16P in your primary system and see if it stays. I’ll bet it does, so let me know! Well, the upgraded M16P sounds pretty good and the phono sound also improved. However, if I we... 
How I Beat the System to Nab an Unbeatable System
@ihcho    Congratulations! I consider Ralph to be a national treasure. Plinius would have to charge three times the price for their components if they duplicated Ralph's mods, but they wouldn't know how to.  Even in your second system, I recommen... 
SabrinaX vs JA Perspective2 Graphene
Another speaker I am smitten on is Gershman Avant Garde. I like small floor standing speakers to fit into a smaller living space. I was debating which to choose between Gershman Avant Garde and Wilson Puppy. I chose Gershman because of its size... 
How many turntables have you owned?
Maybe close to 20. Among them, about 10 were cheap Japanese turntables.  Now, 5 working tables: Garrard 309 with two Ortofon arms, Denon DP80, Denon DP75 with two Denon arms, Clearaudio Bluemotion, and Technics Linear tracking turntable.  
Where/how to start?
My iPad is about 4 years old and I have iPhone 11. So, I can use either iPad or iPhone to control the music? Then, the connection between iPhone and Node is through WiFi, right?   If I use a direct network connection, do I still use iPhone to co... 
Where/how to start?
Great. It appears that I would not be able to tell the difference between DACs on OPPO and Node. I will most likely go for Bluesound Node with Qobuz subscription. To get a wired network connection I need to rearrange my current setup - swap the ... 
Where/how to start?
Thanks for the recommendation of iFi Zen. This is also new to me. Can somebody comment on Node's DAC? Would it be better than the DAC on Oppo? If Oppo's DAC is better I will go for iFi Zen. If Node's DAC is better, I would go for Node. Well, if t...