two Channel equalizer recommendations

Hi Gon’ers

i am considering adding a two channel EQ to one of my systems. Not as a notch filter but to bring up the mids just a tad bit. I’m Looking at the API 5500

anyone have any experience with this particular brand or any other suggestions would be appreciated. 
I think the K&T will do the trick. I like what I’m reading about it. Plus it has to have XLR and I like the fact that I can use my own power cord. For that price may as well give it a shot. Thanks again for the suggestion. 
I would not recommend. Graphic equalizers are nothing more than glorified tone controls and just add distortion.  If EQ is truly needed (and it rarely is in 2 channel reproduction other than 250hz & lower where, in my opinion, its a requirement) look into parametric equalizers.  Think of it - an equalizer cannot do anything real unless it has a microphone so it can fist measure the room.  Once it measures the room, only then can an EQ curve actually compensate.
If you want fairly neutral check into the eq popular with mastering studios, as they are doing just this: slight changes to completed stereo mixes. The prices do go up. A great yet lesser known company to look at is Gyraf. They make a 'tilt' eq that you might find interesting.

Oh and a restored and racked Neumann 495 / OEv / PEv or similar from vintage disk cutting console could be awesome
Nike coined the best ad phrase of all time: Just Do It! In a world where ad campaigns change month to month this one was so good it was used everywhere for decades.

Don’t waste time talking, studying, planning, - Just Do It! The act itself is the reward. Just Do It! Kind of long though.

The slogan for EQ is even better: Don’t.
Dear @cerrot  :  ""  and just add distortion "", yes and a parametric eq. does it too and can works for the OP.

Klark Teknik is not " one of the same " eq., as a fact this made/design in England is unique and you can read here:

Its distortion levels are low and KT has the 370 model with even lower distortion levels.

Nothing is perfect always exist trade-offs. Your very good system is an example of those trade offs because you own really good analog rig that through the phono stage you own develops really high distortions but that kind of phono stage is what you like and its trade-offs goes/meet your audio/MUSIC priorities even that that analog signal goes digital in your very good electrostatic speakers. As I said nothing is perfect.



I’m not new to the game guys. I do understand the pros and cons of using an EQ. While I do appreciate the advice, lets try to stick with the topic. I’m not asking if it’s ok to use one. I am going to use one in this application. Just was asking for a good recommendation. Respectfully I’m Not trying to be dismissive but I would rather not go down the rat hole of should I or shouldn’t I.
@solypsa gave excellent advice. Good enough to cut the exalted disc...

Have fun, enjoy the music. 
You should be served well by my prior recomends but also look at Cranesong....

So after looking at a few recommendations I have decided on the Klark Teknik n360. 

I also looked at the Cranesong. Sounds very impressive. However for the system I’m connecting it to I don’t want to make that type of an investment. Like I said the only sliders I will use will be between 500 Hz - 2k range once I figure out which couple I will use and they will only be raised a tad bit. Everything else will be flat. For this system the Klark Teknik should be all I need. 
Thanks all for the recommendations and also the comments. I will report back and let you know my experience. 
Dear@barnettk : Good. KT has an engineeering high level and very good excecution to its design. Good luck with.

I purchased the Klark Teknik 360N and it sounds great. Not so sure why people throw shade on using an EQ. I guess they are easy for some people to use them in an extreme manor. I’m adjusting freqs from 500Hz to 1Kh and I’m only moving them oh so slightly to give me the desired effect. I guess if I did the ole V or smiley face maybe I could see degradation in SQ but that’s not the case here. I hear no distortion or loss of SQ actually quite the opposite. 

The gear it’s connected to:It’s inline with a custom made tube amp. This amp has only one input and a volume control. It’s being fed line level inputs by a passive line level switching component from the two sources I have connected to it. 

Without going into a full out review etc I will just say it sounds fantastic! 
Personally I don’t see a problem with using one as long as you don’t go nuts with it. I’m definitely enjoying this little system much better that’s for sure. I guess mileage may vary depending on what gear your using it with but I think as long as the electronics in the EQ is as good or better than in your pre-amp there should be no loss of SQ. 
The KT EQ has excellent build quality. It’s 32 band so you can get quite granular with the adjustments. A little goes  along way so I did not have to move the sliders very much at all. If you just glanced at it you may not even know the little hump was there in the middle. So for me in this application it made the difference. 

Much thanks again. This is exactly what I needed. Great suggestion on the piece.