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Sell Me Your Women, Your Children, Your Vintage Turntable...
*If* talking new tables the STST Motus IIDQ is a giant killer. I sell them so I wont go on and on, but do some research...( oh and meets the budget easily ).A lot of decent advice already on vintage idler. You can do some good things in vintage DD... 
Upper Level Vintage DD Strenghts and Weaknesses
I have an SP10mk2 which is nice. I have been wanting to hear the Sony as well. I have been wishing to come across a Denon DN308 system for a long time. Oh and I had a TT81 which I had to learn the hard way about difficult service but it and the 10... 
Vinyl...should I stay, or should I go?
@liv2teach I am in the Seattle area. If you need help beyond what has been offered already get in touch. My web presence is the same as my username here. Analog is for me both a hobby and a vocation :)If you don't mind the learning challenge I wou... 
Which Phono Pre?
@jjgasp I don't use Koetsu however there is a long documented love affair of the match between Koetsu and the FR64S/FR66S tonearms. If vintage isn't your thing there is some buzz around the Glanz arms having similar synergy. Is your 4PT the 11"?  
Which Phono Pre?
Whest and Pass are both really good SS. If you do a comparison you may pm me to try out the AudioSpecials Phonolab; it too is solid state and very low noise. Since I am a dealer for them I wont elaborate on subjective sq. If you read the German re... 
SOTA NOVA, HR-X VPI, Technics 1200G recommendations?
You will have to decide for yourself however:FR64S while not perfect is a GREAT arm for the $ and also seems to bring out good in almost all carts which is unusual. I use one everyday...RX5000...well have you found a good one, in great condition, ... 
Refurbish Fidelity Research Tonearms
Upgrade probably not, but i would gladly have my FR64S taken apart, cleaned and checked for tolerances...if by an experienced and reliable technician. It has been in service for ~40 years after all. What are the Ikeda contacts? 
recommendation for a high end analog system
No need to be embarrassed. Much better to learn on the Denon before getting a higher end cart! 
recommendation for a high end analog system
@chakster is correct in that the Denon shines in heavier tonearms@jasonbourne52 is also on point in that the Denon is known to sound best with a good SUT ( even if you have enough gain )However this is a good time to see how far you can push the e... 
DL103R- I’m sure it’s been said before…
Congrats. AnaMighty / Sculpture A are really on their game these days :) 
Upgrade entry level or start over?
I would say start over. Imo at this price point the best turntable path is to buy high quality vintage. Vintage has gotten expensive but there are still good buys. Read some threads on lenco and idler drive turntables as well as vintage direct dri... 
Technics SL1000 MK3 (SP10 MK3) performance/value VS modern turntables?
Sp10mk3 in good nick with restored FR64S is a great thing. Btw how much was the cost for the FR64S service and rewire at Ikeda?  
Stylus shapes!
Since 'advanced shapes' have been about for 40 to 50 years without one being crowned supreme could it be that its a matter of taste and music genre? 
Equalization for vinyl nirvana
Good eq existsThey are used in mastering studios dailyThey are costly- no surprise 
New Arm or New TT and arm?
Now is a great time to revisit direct drive imho. Of course Technics, but also Brinkmann and STST etc.