Tired of bootleg

I hate to be a goodie two shoes, but I've been seeing postings
for "Nordost" cables from Beijing. I was curious because the price was tempting so I contacted the seller and asked for serial #s. Long story short, no serial #s and a lot of fancy talk about "cut cables, dealer terminated, blah, blah, etc".
I both have Nordost cables AND wish they were a fraction of the price but it just bugs the hell out of me that some schmuck is pushing this junk and afraid someone might buy into it. When buying used, I recommend always asking for the serial #s and calling Nordost to confirm that they are real. This should at least keep the bootlegging down a bit. If I'm ever wealthy, I will gladly pay full retail for their, to my ears, excellent products.
Nordost is not the only cable company that is struggling with the fraud market. Cardas, Tara Labs, Audioquest, MIT, XLO and many other major brands are dealing with these same issues. Buyer beware.
I can't find the country of manufacture on the Nordost site. Does anyone know? Are Nordost cables made in China?
Buyer beware say's it all! All of my used cables (including Tara & Nordost) were all bought here from solid standing members. My few new cables were bought direct from Tempo Electric (Joseph) and Audio Magic (Jerry) Feel secure that way.
I have bought used from Agon members of good standing with fine results. I also buy some cheap but real stuff. Like Pheonix Gold Speaker cables and entry level Audience ICs called Audience Conductors, I didn't even know they existed until a dealer asked if I might be interested having been an Au24 buyer in the past. You don't have to pay a kings ransom for good sound.
I did buy some so called Cardas Jumpers that were suspicious and indeed turned out to be some home made all Cardas parts Jumpers a guy had been putting together. They work quite well really, but I had thought I was buying a true Cardas made product, which it turns out I was not.

make certain that these 'bootleg' products are being reported to the proper Companies.
Jafant, the companies are aware of them, that is why many companies are starting to use serial numbers, certificates of authenticity and even holograms to try to stay a step ahead of the frauds.
I would find it hard to believe that anyone who would know what Nordost or Siltech cables were would believe they were getting genuine cables from China for thirty bucks. I think the world is safe from the clutches of the Chinese cable companies.
For Chayro: the real problem is folks buying the crap from China.. then reselling it here or on eBay to make a profit.. that is how the fake Kimber Hero was being sold a few years ago. Claims of still in original packaging.. Well yeah, the original fake Chinese packaging!!
Personally I just do not buy used cables anymore. It is that big of an issue.
Melm - Nordost is in the USA
I think the other end of the problem is US dealers buying these from the manufacturer at 60% of list price and reselling them to anyone in the world that will buy them at 40% of list. They can make many thousands of dollars per transaction. At this point the tags are cut and the deal is done.

Happens both ways I'm sure. Just research the product and always examine everything with your own eyes. Never purchase without serial numbers and follow up with the manufacturer. Simple.