Johnny Winter Bootleg Series?

I was listening to Raisin' Cain and thinking about what a MONSTER he was live, when he was younger. Does the bootleg series let that power show through? There are so many now, where to start? Anyone got any input on there favorites?
Since no one seems to have heard this series, I have ordered the 1st record. I would think they would put out the best first, to get sales on the latter releases.

Looking forward to receiving this!
Ackman3, please let us know what you think. I have almost everything he's ever done other than bootlegs. First saw him live back in 68. Johnny kicks ass even though he turning 69 in a couple of weeks. There's a huge 2 story warehouse here in St. Pete and they can get almost anything.
I have a vinyl copy of Vol.3 I listened to it twice.The music is a live show in his rock period.The recording is okay,but the sound did not suit my taste.I thought it was a bit lifeless,possibly mixed digitally.I am much more into the period of the first Columbia LP,than the Rock stuff.It sounds like it may fit you better.
Polk, I will let you know what I think.

Casey33,I am hopeful that I will enjoy these more than you. Thanks for letting us know your opinion.
Live Bootleg #1 showed up today and I put it on before my wife arrived home in case it needed volume. It does. This record smokes from start to end. Sound is good for a bootleg. Cymbals a little prominent, but great music.

I never understood the separation of Johnnies rock period and blues period. He has always, at least to me, been a unique hybrid of the two.

Everything I had hoped for. How often does that happen.
I hear what you're saying that JW is a hybrid.I think with me it's that I'm trying to prioritize as the sand runs out of the hourglass.He has such a large catalog.I'm still trying to get through the Huey Meaux stuff which is scattered over many LPs.At any rate I greatly admire JW for all he has accomplished for himself and others (Muddy).As far as you're question "How often does that happen?" I can only answer,..Yeah,but when it does.
I was SUCH a huge JW fan back in the day. From his 1st records thru his 'Johnny Winter And' days and for a few records beyond this period. IMO 'JW And' featuring Rick Derringer were only sightly bested in the dual gtr bands by the Allmans featuring Duane & Dicky Betts. As amazing as The Allmans 'Live At The Fillmore' is (I caught one of the shows, The Allmans top billing, Johnny Winter And 2nd, with Elvin Bishop 3rd. As was the norm back in the day, don'tchaknow Johnny, Rick, & Elvin came out to jam with the Bros at the end of the night. For some reason, while I know it happened, I can't remember much more! God I loved the Fillmore!;). Anyhow, my point is 'Johnny Winter And - Live!' has got to be one of the greatest live Rock'n'Roll records ever recorded. It was such a wild, and yet, fertile period back than. These were the days when the Winter Bros prowled around the NYC club scene along with many others including Hendrix, Mclaughlin, & Coryell much like the western gunfighters of old except they were gtr-slingers (and heroin addicts unfortunately). I caught Edgar Winter NINE times back in the day, 5 with the White Trash band. One night at the Rockpile in Island Park, it's 2-3 in the morning and White Trash comes out for their 3rd encore and out comes Johnny and Rick! What a night!! Hell, if I'm talkin' live albums, Edgar Winter's White Trash Live! - Roadwork - is also one of the greatest, and I never see it mentioned anywhere!