thiel cs 2.2 muffle sounding and very low treble

hi i have an peculiar problem with my thiel cs 2.2 current system is
coda csx power amparc ls 26 preamparc ls22 preamplumin t1ridge street audio speaker cabletransparent audio icsi am not able to get sweet spot and good highs . sound is muffled. and also changed amp to mcintosh ma 7900 treble is little bit improved but not mellow. inputs needed where the system is mismatched. any upgrades to speakers to be done on cross overs or something. inputs needed.regards

amps can make a big difference...but if your speakers weren’t tuned to your liking , then no amp in the world can subjectively improve sound quality for you.

the problem you have with your system is comparable to problems with lesser headphones and high-end gear. the gear will spit plenty of information, but the headphones will be unable to resolve or or translate the music properly.

better to buy new speakers as those are not that good. your other stuff is nice.
I suggest turning down the volume very low, and putting your ear directly over each driver. 

bad idea
it's a set of speakers...not a pair of headphones
the last thing we want is hearing loss lol
idk honestly but perhaps you need to use some punctuation anyway maybe the tweeters are blown thiels are not known for lacking treble i had a pair and they were bright bright bright .... was it the 2.2 that came with an eq box do you have that?
@mastering92, @mike_in_nc gets it.
I’m not suggesting one do that for long term listening, but rather to check to hear if all the drivers are functioning properly. With the greater overlap of frequencies that occur with 1st order crossovers it might be difficult for some to otherwise identify specific problems.
mike the 2 2’s did not come with the eq box, which was for the low frequencies.
Yeah, most likely some drivers aren't working.  The 2.2s are supremely enjoyable neutral speakers, but the first order crossovers mean each driver plays a very wide frequency range.  I wouldn't be surprised if they sound muffled because only the woofer is working or only the woofer and midrange are working.  Turning down the volume and listening to each driver closely is a good idea.  Listening to one speaker at a time is a good idea.  
checked every thing for 2 days. all drivers a re working fine. trble is low. but in some songs played like amanda mcbroom treble is ok but not great bass is trying to check the tweeters and 68 ohms resistor connected to tweeters. and finally thinking of to recap the crossovers as my technician is claiming it could e the main culprit of uneven frequencies.inputs needed