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Anyone (everyone) care to throw a dart?
I'd advise for you to visit an audiologist. They can determine if you've lost any hearing. My grandpa is 92 and can hear as well as I can.Were you exposed to sounds that were too loud when you were younger - for extended periods of time? Can you h... 
What’s your obstacles on the way of listening
@tooblue Who knows? 
Integrated amp/speaker matching
Nominal impedance is listed on speakers. You should always match it to your speakers. For instance, an amp will have a "safe" range like: 4 ohms to 16 ohms8 ohms to 16 ohms16 ohms or moreIf the speakers have a high sensitivity rating, you won’t ne... 
What’s your obstacles on the way of listening
Thank you so much for posting this question! I have something to share...2 annoying ghettos hoodlums that recently moved to my neighborhood?!1st one is on a loud ATV, 2nd guy is on a mini motorcycle. They wear their pants to their knees and really... 
If you had to choose, which cable would you buy?
@petg60 "Wrong hypothesis to start with, you cannot determine possible differences in sound with data or make the assumption that a difference would be negligible audibly and all would share the same level of performance."Nope. Right hypothesis. L... 
If you had to choose, which cable would you buy?
Thank you to all who posted here. @teo_audio I wrote this because I was curious for answers.You wrote a long message that doesn't even answer the question. You wasted your time writing all of that. You are the troll. 
My Terrible Emotiva Experience
Nope. As a mole, you should be encouraging others to do better than you. You should be ashamed of yourself for seemingly popping out of nowhere.What the heck is a cool room temp IQ?Are you the OPs lawyer? Didn't know moles could pass the bar...⚖if... 
My Terrible Emotiva Experience
^ 1 Whac-A-Mole appeared. 
MQA actually tested
The biggest mistake one can make when mastering is...Making the song sound polished, but lifeless. In other words, it sounds like a recording and not like music. In a rock song for instance, the opening cymbals should have both weight and depth. N... 
Arcam sr250 vs denon avr 7200wa
Denon! 💯 
Is this the best way?
Sounds good!  
Black Ice FX DAC set up is a private IP address. IPs that end in .1 are used for Admin logins on home routers/certain enterprise routers. Strange why they would ask you to key that in...try: = hyper text transfer protocol secure.If th... 
Eliminating Ground Loop Problem
Look into ground loop isolators and decide if you need them. It may not be your gear itself.This might solve the problem: https://emfessentials.com/products/pure-power-plug-in-filter-120vIf all else fails, an electrician would be able to determine... 
Factory Authorized Service
What the heck?That’s quite a story. Thanks for sharing it."So my question is, Is it acceptable for a technician to say no problem found and just ship back your repair without first reaching out to the customer to see of the issue could be duplicat... 
Power Cord for Bricasti M5
I heard Synergistic Research makes the best ones