Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 300 with Thiel CS3.6?

After talking to a few people and reading to many posts and reviews I think I have decided not to go with a Bryston or Rotel Amp to drive my Thiel CS3.6 speakers. I know there are a lot of other choices but I have sort of settled on the Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 300 integrated amp over a Conrad Johnson MF-2500A / Premier 17LS paring. I am hoping to get the Tri-Vista used for around $4200 which is about the same cost as the Conrad Johnson pair would probably be. Nothing I have read has given me any indication that the Tri-Vista is a better match than the Conrad Johnson so maybe I am succumbing to the hype and taking the easy route of a single piece (no interconnects etc). Who knows?

Any additional feedback on my choices or opinions would be greatly appreciated before I take the plunge. I still feel like a blind man on a pitch black night listening to murmers in the distance :)

Montana Rane
I bought my Thiel CS2.4's from a dealer that also sells MF gear. As a matter of fact I demoed the Thiels with a MF setup. It sounded great, very musical and not at all harsh. I am curious why Bryston is no longer on your agenda as I have heard good things about the SST's and Thiel speakers (I will home audition a 4BSST soon). I am also considering a Theta Dreadnaught II and Musical Fidelity mono-blocks.

Good luck
I decided against the 4bsst after getting some mixed responses about pairing it with the cs3.6. Honestly I think those comments were really directed at the 4BST which some people thought was a little to harsh in the highs for the cs3.6. Apparently the 4bsst is a much better amp. I did find a few people including some associated with thiel who agreed the the Tri-Vista 300 is an excellent pairing with the CS3.6 speakers.

The Musical fidelity Tri-Vista 300 integrated is what seems like a "safe" choice since I won't have to then choose a well mated preamp and cables. Maybe not the perfect choice but since I haven't found a better one for less money it seems the right choice.

I hate to say something bad about these two products because I like both very much! (love Thiel) I have however listened to this combo at a local dealer and was very un-immpressed to say the least. It was the second most boring and dull system I have ever heard at this price level. And any system including Thiel and boring/dull is saying something. Tone was good to very good, musicality was non existant and dynamics were conjested to the extreme. The trivista SACD was the source in an acousticlly good, medium sized room. Every thing was set up very well by a great tech. guy. I think the problem lies in the thinking behind the designers. They are on opposite sides of the world. Thiel needs lively sound fed into them to show what they can do while Musical Fidelity wants to go easy and smooth- this is just a case of miss match and not poor products I believe. I had to take two of my friends to listen to this set up because I wanted there oppinoin to see if I was nuts but they aggreed with me totally. Sorry- again, get those Thiels but look at different electronics or vice-versa.
So... What then. Given that I already own the CS3.6 speakers and have 3k to 4k to spend on a decent amp/preamp or integrated. I am trying to end up with a great soundstage and remarkable detail while still being able to listen for hours without getting fatigued. The search continues....
What about that Conrad Johnson MF-2500A / Premier 17LS paring with the Thiel CS3.6?
From what I have heard with my 3.6's, given your price range, I would pick up a 2-channel Theta Dreadnaught II, and then work on finding a good used preamp here on Audiogon. From my experience, it appears that Theta is all about soundstage and detail. Their amps made my 3.6's do things that no other amps could do.