Thiel 2.3 compare to Proac 2.5

How does the Thiel 2.3 stack up against Proac 2.5? Which speaker gives a more realistic enjoyable listening experience.

I tend to listen to Jazz and Classical for extended periods of time, and have liked the Thiel----but still wonder about Proac.
Yashu, I currently own both. I like the ProAcs better, I also listen mostly to Jazz and these speakers have a very natural sound. The vocals and instruments really draw you into the music. The proAc are very detailed without being fatiquing. Great bass. They are also much easier to drive than the Thiels. When you first listen to the Thiels you will be amazed by the detail and the very tight bottom end, then you will notice how bright and edgy they can be. After about one half hour they can be very fatiguing and then you will notice that instruments will have an edge and not sound at all real. You really have to work with these to get them to sound close to natural. You will need a good Power Amp. I went to a tube preamp which helped quite a bit then to MIT MH 750 speaker cables which again helped tame the very bright top end. Now they are pretty good but the ProAcs still have the edge. Both speakers have excellent build quality. Of the two I think the Theils will be leaving......Want a third alternative?? Get the Audio Physic Virgos, they are the best I have heard for the type of music I listen to. You will swear the performer is in the room with you.
I think both are great speakers. I owned Proac 2.5s and Thiel 22's, not the newer 2.3's. Although the Proacs are very musical and smooth and non fatiguing, I found that the presentation of vocals to be a bit laid back. It was as if the voices were too deep into the soundstage for my preference. I like them to be closer to 3rd row Vs where they seemed to be in 10 or 15th row. This is one of the reasons I sold them for a pair of B&W N805's, a much smaller speaker that does not play as loud and does not project such a large soundstage. They do have a sweet top end and the vocals are more forward. I think the Thiels are more forward as well so careful component matching is critical as always.
Hmm, some very interesting observations here. I don't own Thiel 2.3's but have been fairly happy with my Thiel 1.5's. I also feel these are very detailed and forward speakers and also a bit "edgy" and not as musical as I would like. I wanted a warmer tone, better midrange, a little smoother sound. I first switched to a tube preamp and most recently a tube power amp. This helped a lot but I'm thinking about trying another speaker and may look into small Dunlavy or Proac, not really sure yet... Don't misunderstand, I really love the detail from the Thiels but I need something a little sweeter. Still have lots of research to do.
Abe, I've owned 1.5s for several years and recently went to 2.3s. While I felt the 1.5s were generally more tonally faithful than the 2.3s, the latter has a bit more weight on the bottom end. From the mid bass up, these speakers are fairly similar. The 1.5 is just as smooth as the early 2.3 - the revised 2.3 is a wee bit smoother, but not enough to justify tossing 1.5s. If you ever move up from 1.5s (which is a fairly manageable load) be prepared for a MUCH larger current draw with the bigger Thiels. Be sure your tube amp is up to the task or you may be very disappointed. Thiels in my experience require careful partnering and tend to sound edgy or bright when mated to SS amps with inadequate current reserves. Not as much of a problem with tube gear, but you may find dynamics and bass compressed and restrained if you don't have the horses. I will say this, if you do it right, Thiels are spectacular performers.
Sgmlaw, I was seriously considering the Thiel 2.3's for what you describe as "a bit more weight on the bottom end". But then I picked up the CJ PV-14L pre and CJ Premier 11a tube amp. These are very adequate for the 1.5's but I think I might run into trouble driving the 2.3's with the tube amp, not sure. I still have my Classe CA-200 but its up for sale. What to do?! I've had my 1.5's for about 6 years and I need suggestions for some other speakers I should consider for the Premier 11a in the sub $2500 (LIST) range that would be at least as good as the Thiel 1.5's. The 1.5's sound good with my tube gear so maybe I'm just looking for something different.
Hi Abe,
I had the CJ PV12a and Premier 11a when I bought the Proac 2.5's. I was very impressed with the Premier's performance on a speaker that likes current (mid bass can be a bit too ripe, especially considering it is only 70Watts/ch. Ultimately though I did sell it to buy a Levinson 331. I gave up some of that mid range glory but the speed, snap and drive were incredibly more lifelike.
I am not sure how closely the Thiel 2.3 compares to the Proac 2.5 but I think you will find it to be a beautiful match unless the Thiel needs the extra bottom control the Proacs do.
I have owned Thiel 2.3, and Proac 2.5, including some time with both. Gjrad above wrote comments that are nearly precisely what I would say. It is uncanny how identical our experiences have been. I would caution you that Thiel is more linear and slightly more detailed, but the Proac just stomped the Thiel in terms of musicality and harmonics.