The usual suspects: S1, Cirrus, Tempesta, MMM1

Getting back into audio and starting to make the audition/research list... Speakers are always the toughest, especially with the internet brands that have no presence here.

Anyway, here is the current list. I'd love to hear from people who have actually heard these in comparable setups:

1. Magico S1 - yes, it is new. it is also hot. Also too much $$$

2. Vapor Cirrus - tons of good press, but is it just the current audiophile flavor du jour (much like Joseph and Devore before them)

3. Selah Tempesta - seems similar to the Vapor but with lesser cabinet?

4. Evo Acoustics MMM1 - lots of hype on this one being generated by the company - worth it?

I've had Soliliquy's a long time ago. Energy's of various sorts that never did anything for me. ProAc Tablettes I loved (but many, many years ago so rose-tinted glasses now), and a variety of other speakers here and there...
I own the Vapor Audio Breeze and I am very happy with these speakers. I plan to live enjoy them for the long run.
Vapor has a new circle on AudioCircle. He also has two new speaker lines in between the Breeze and the Cirrus. The Stiff Breeze employs two woofers with the Raal tweeter in the middle, and the new Sundog which is kind of a mini Cirrus.You can get some feedback from Cirrus owners there too.Good luck.
You state that Joseph Audio and Devore are just a flavor of the month--I find that pretty amazing! Both companies have been around for several years and have made & continue to make excellent speakers that have met widespread critical acclaim from professional reviewers and appreciation from the users. I have owned speakers from both companies and woud rate them as superb products. To lump them with Vapor audio Cirrus is almost laughable.
I have owned Soliloquy 5.3s and currently still own 6.2s, and the speakers I lust after are the JA Pulsars perhaps paired with a couple good subs. If JA is a flavor du jour it's been an awfully loooong day (same for Devore). They continue to refine and improve their proven core technology, and they'll likely be around for the long term. Not so sure about the others you mention, and as a Soliloquy owner you realize that can be an issue down the road.

I had the Selah Verita in my system for a trial. Nice speaker, but although treble was very refined it lacked a little air and sparkle up top that I tend to like. Lots of people feel differently about that though. I haven't been won over by ribbon tweeters as of yet, but I remain open.

Vapor sounds interesting but seems like sometimes they suffer from long backlogs and shipment delays. Not a deal breaker but potentially frustrating. EA build quality has been an issue with some models, so I'd be a little concerned about long-term integrity but definitely a speaker I'd like to hear. Both also use ribbon tweeters, so you might want to add some others with more conventional tweeters to your list in case ribbons don't work for you.

Welcome back to this silly hobby, and best of luck in your search.
I own Vapor Audio Cirrus speakers and after my eperience I can't ever recommend them.

I have demoed the Joseph Audio Pulsar and I can tell you they won't dissapoint. This would be a better way to go and if you decide to sell they hold there value very well.
I've had Soliloquy 5.0 of those you mentioned, and own Selah Tempestas and SSRs now. Both are head and shoulders above the 5.0.
The cabinets on the Tempestas are not built like the Cirrus, but the cabinets as Rick supplies them are very dead. I hear no lower range obfuscation which is the signature of noisy cabinets. They do the job very well, and the optional veneer work is as good as it gets.
The Tempesta is a 3 way, with perhaps the best upper mid driver on the market, the 50 mm Accuton, and the drivers blend perfectly, very hard to do with the superb resolution of the RAAL.
I haven't heard the Cirrus, but a Cirrus owner has been here and heard my Tempestas. He was a bit embarrassed to admit the Tmepestas were notably better, and less $ as well.
Haven't heard the others, and tastes are different, but after 45 years in the hobby and ~275 pairs of quality speakers, after 2 years the Tempesta has taken me off the market, possibly for good. I can afford just about anything I like, but for this size speaker it speaks the truth to me on all recordings. That's the bottom line.
I wanted to add one additional bit. The Tempesta is Rick's best selling model, yet to my knowledge there have been no used pairs on the resale market at all. I've been watching for another pair to buy. There have a number of Cirrus and the others mentioned. Owner satisfaction is the goal in the end.
I have had my Tempestas for over two years now and am very

happy with the sound and performance which goes way beyond

their price point. I have no need to upgrade speakers

anymore and instead have been upgrating components around

them. They work perfect in my 15' X 12' room and have all

the bass I ever need or want. The three drivers work and

perform seamlessly. I am surpriced more and more people

are not aware of and/or buying them.
Jmbatkh, I am not sure if you are talking about me and my cirrus pair but I had told you that I had not listened to them yet so there is no way I could have told you that the Tempesta sounded better. The Tempesta sounded good but there was no way for me to compare and still no way as I have yet to listen to the Cirrus. I will have a pair here in the next week or so...
The cirrus has an excellent cabinet but the MDF stands are killing me and you must have the stands because the x-over is stuffed into the base of the stand and i mean stuffed! Plus the owner is a grade A tool.
"I haven't heard the Cirrus, but a Cirrus owner has been here and heard my Tempestas. He was a bit embarrassed to admit the Tmepestas were notably better"

Really? I find it hard to believe there would be this level of difference, no matter which one was better. I have both the Cirrus and Tempesta, which I will be comparing this weekend.
Another one to consider, that shoots well above it's price band, Fritz Carbon 7's. I just bought them for my son band they really do sound very good and are well made at this price point.

Fritz is a great guy to deal with and thay are available on sale or return, if your not happy. What's not to like?
"you must have the stands because the x-over is stuffed into the base of the stand"

Incorrect. My Cirrus have the x-over in a separate compartment at the bottom of the speaker and I use my own stands.
I'm not sure if you're the same person or not, but if so then I mis-interpreted what you told me at the time, and if so, I apologize. I thought you had been listening to the Cirrus. That was about a year ago!
If anyone is looking into the Cirrus I would caution you from ordering them with Vapor's stands. The column piece that holds the 60lb or so speaker is only glued to the base via a butt joint. Both of my stands that were shipped in separate boxes were both broken on arrival and they broke right where these two pieces glue together.

Here is a pic of the two pieces.;area=browse;image=74012;size=large
The cirrus has an excellent cabinet but the MDF stands are killing me and you must have the stands because the x-over is stuffed into the base of the stand and i mean stuffed! Plus the owner is a grade A tool.

Haha, love it! I've moved up to Grade A!
Hey Ryan, did you get the money together yet for the refund on those Cirrus speakers you sold me? I was hoping to get that done here shortly so I could purchase a pair of Joseph Audio Pulsars. haha!
Ok, lets get back to the original topic please!
Milpai, I thought Vapor was the topic. At least that is how I interpreted the original post.

I see Tnagpal throwing stones at these other brands and praising Vapor on a little press they are recieving. Tons of press is laughable however!

My view is a little tainted but Apdoc2004 pretty much caught it as laughable by lumping Joseph and Devore with Vapor Audio.
Did anybody warn Jeff Joseph?
I've had the Vapor Cirrus in my room, with my electronics, side-by-side with my Salk SoundScape 10s. Other than the lowest octave of bass, the Cirrus was at least the equal of the SS10. The top end of the Cirrus was actually a little smoother.

Hope this helps. . .
Csmgolf, what Joseph should be warned about is another username behind the same keypad! You could call some of them the one hit wonders.
If you are hinting that I am Ryan or anyone associated with Vapor you are a total idiot and extremely paranoid. I own none of their products, but will some day purchase a pair of Arcus. I am just someone tired of listening to your non stop whining. Man up, come up with a solution instead of throwing stones, resolve the situation, and go away. BTW, I think the Pulsar is an excellent speaker having heard it a couple of times. It is not on my purchase radar though, so Jeff Joseph has nothing to worry about from me. On the other hand, he should be extremely wary of you because of the way you have conducted yourself.
Csmgolf, I have no idea why you would think this way since we have had private discussions before. Hope all goes well with your Vapor Arcus purchase.
I think you need to refresh me on these private discussions because I certainly don't remember them. My memory is pretty good, but it must be failing me now. What did we talk about?
Modded equipment, cables etc.... yes min--s we have talked. I know who you are.
It's easy to tell who csmgolf is...his name is Chris. Just check his feedback here on Audiogon.
I remember discussing those things with multiple members, maybe I've talked with you about them. I don't specifically remember talking with you. The fact that we may have had conversation in the past doesn't mean I agree with what you are doing now. In fact, you are acting a fool. Get it resolved. If you knew who I was, why did you hint that I was Vapor posting under another name? Based on the rest of this thread, and your paranoia in other threads towards anyone posting favorably for Vapor, that is all it could mean.
I have the Cirrus and Tempesta now. the Tempesta only have a week on them at the moment and the Cirrus have about 300hrs.

the Tempesta may have a bigger bottom end (more, not necessarily deeper) and I think the midrange is a bit more detailed. you can hear the coloration from the cabinets. this is probably not something that's apparent if you're used to listening to the typically constructed cabinets. with the Cirrus there is absolutely no sense of the cabinets at all. I get more of a 3D soundstage with the Cirrus, which I really like. at certain times with the Tempesta (not all the time) I sense sound projecting directly from the mid drivers instead of hovering in space like the Cirrus.

both these speakers are outstanding. if I had to pick one I would go with the Cirrus, but could be happy with either. if you are DIY capable the Tempesta kit is a great value.
I wonder about the Coincident Triumph Extreme II. Coincident has been around a while but has been known for excellent floor standers. The Triumph Extreme II is their only monitor.
I have owned the Triumph and the Super Eclipse, both only briefly. Nothing to write home about.

I found the Tempestas really need at least 100 hours (Accuton says 300 hours) to open up in depth, width, dynamics, and coherence. Up to that point the images stay closer to the speakers themselves.
I own a pair of Cirrus Blacks. In my basement room the sound was good
but lean and too forward or bright. The room is very long, (40 feet) and only
about 14 feet wide. Low suspended ceiling also, not very good for the

I spent a lot of time with speaker placement and added a subwoofer. I
also use bass traps in the corners behind the speakers, added absorption
panels behind speakers, some absorption panels in the suspended ceiling
and room lenses at first side wall reflection area.

After all that, the Cirrus Blacks imaging is very good and soundstaging is
also impressive. Treble is very natural and clean. With the sub the bass is
very good as well. Lots of detail and I think these speakers are accurate
and won't add much coloration to the music. Pretty good dynamics and
clarity is a bit better than my previous speakers. I can say I am happy with
the sound, but it took some work to get them to that point. I would think a
more normal sized room would yield great results without as much effort.

I think comparing speakers of this caliber would end up being personal
preference and how well you can get the speakers to sound in your room.

I wrote this with my iPhone, I wrote it in proper paragraphs but don't know
why it turned out like this!

Edit: Oh well it looks okay with my computer.
Travbrow, what options did you order with the Cirrus?
I bought mine used here at audiogon. They are bare ply and maple front and top. Dueland resistors, Vcap capacitors, amorphous core RAAL, and I think the wire upgrade. Plus I bought matching stands from Vapor Audio.

Perhaps other components could help with the lean and bright sound you describe. What is upstream from the Vapors?
Hi Roscoeiii, I am quite satisfied with the Vapor Cirrus now. The rest of my gear: Odyssey Audio Stratus Extreme SE , Symphonic Line tube preamp, Modwright Sony XA-777ES, Oppo 105, PTP Slate Lenco and World Designs Phono stage.
Tannoy Turnberry SE beats all the more expensive speakers you listed.