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Herron M1-1A monobocks, what do you think?
Herron equipment is outstanding. The diligence Keith puts into his work is second to none. 
Grover Huffman GH RCA ZX+ cables vs...
Long time fan of Grover's cables here. Not sure what marketing Bravado Sabai is referring to. . .Grover does zero marketing that I'm aware of. Just a lot of satisfied ears touting their praise. 
recommended phono preamp for $2500?
What cartridge are you using? 
Salk vs Daedalus Speakers
I owned Salk SS10s, and now own Daedalus Ulysses (version 1).I would describe the difference between the 2 as the difference between "Hi-Fi" and "Musical". Both speakers will reveal all that's on the recording, but to my ears, the Ulysses are more... 
Calling BMC MCCI owners
I have the MCCI and run a Van Den Hul Frog Gold. I think it sounds great. Of course, the lower the internal impedance of a cartridge, the better the MCCI will sound. 
Phono Preamp price range $2000-$4000
I highly recommend the BMC MCCI. 
Thales Simplicity tonearm review in Stereophile.
Micha Huber has posted a response to the Stereophile review on his website: 
Turn table speed variation question
You can't tune a piano but you can tuna fish. . . 
Thales Simplicity tonearm review in Stereophile.
Lewm, you seem mostly concerned with bashing the Simplicity. Not sure what that's about. . .just sayin'. 
Thales Simplicity tonearm review in Stereophile.
I agree with Hiho. . .it seems to me that Fremer botched this review based on all the other commentary available. 
SP-10 Mat
I have an Artisan Fidelity SP-10 with upgraded copper platter. I've found George Merrill's GEM Dandy cork mat to work very well. 
Retip for zyx
Except in this case Porsche will not fix it. . .he has to buy a new Porsche. 
Stillpoints LP Isolator Record Weight
I was using the LPI on my Technics SP10. The difference it made compared to my TTW weights was not subtle. It brought a level of clarity to playback that was prevously missing. It's expensive, but IMHO, worth the investment.I say "was" above, beca... 
Brinkmann vs TW Acustic
I researched the Bardo and Oasis heavily before deciding on my Technics SP10. The Bardo and Oasis have the same drive mechanism and base platter, the only difference being that the Oasis has a plinth. Since the plinth imparts a sonic characteristi... 
PMC vs. Salk Sound Speakers. Which is better?
You can't judge the quality of a crossover by the quantity of its components. Many times, simpler is better, and that simplicity is most likely driven by the choice of drivers in the speaker.