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The best speaker for a small room...at any price point.
Berlin 1887 is nice for midsized room and could work with a smallish room. 
Is $3000 pushing the limits for a geat monitor??
50K is pushing the limits not 3K 
RMAF 2014 Observations
We wanted to upgrade our normal room to a ballroom this year but there was never even a return call or email from RMAF management so we scraped the whole show and I'm glade we did. 
RMAF - Loudspeakers that you don't want to miss
Sorry but we will not be attending RMAF this year. Our focus will be on the Newport CA, Munich, and Warsaw shows.Q 
Legacy Whisper DSW Clarity Edition??
It's not wrong or bad to use Chinese manufacture / assembly / parts... I get it! We pay our shop guys $30.00 - $50.00 and hour and it hurts!But in our opinion it's the right thing to do!Q 
Legacy Whisper DSW Clarity Edition??
Legacy is manufactured 100% in China but has excellent Yankee acoustic design! 
Opinions - Best Sound at T.H.E. Newport 2013 Show?
Kiddman,I think you make a very good point the system used to play the Q7 was totally over-the-top and totally cracking good. I am not a true believer in the sealed vault loudspeaker in general but I got to believe the Q7 could have sounded better... 
Sexiest Speakers
Berlin is sexy but the Living Voice Vox Olympian is the sexiest speaker ever made it's too bad one cannot live in them.The big JBL of the 1960's second.To me.Q 
"Against design"
Have a look at dc10audio.com 
"Against design"
Have a look at dc10audio.com 
In response to 'Why not horns?'
We are able to "buy" a great review all we have to do is give a pair of expensive speakers to the reviewer.Nice.Q 
Why not horns?
what is a horn? 
Do I really need to upgrade to Rockport Atria ?
Yes, we all must upgrade..to upgrade is living... otherwise we're stagnate terrestrials waiting for the grave.S.E.T + Horns = more fun!! 
Why not horns?
dc10audio is all horns! 
grills or no grills on your speakers..matters?
The grill frames are often worse than the cloth itself. In general the sound is diminished by cloth in the sonic pathway with the exception of low bass.Q