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Magico S5 vs Revel Salon 2
Why not look at TAD? 
Tannoy Westminister VS dc10 Instrument Grande V
We hope the have the L'Instrument Grand Voix at the T.H.E. show in Las Vegas this coming January!Q 
Recapturing the JBL L100 Century
The Briton II uses a NOS JBL L100 AlNiCo driver and sounds far better than the tired L100 Century. The L100 Century was known for it's "West coast sound" West Cost Sound because the woofer ran without any cross-over full signal and at times a litt... 
anyone heard dc10audio speakers?
Joncat77,The cabinet does not resonate the internal resonator resonates which both helps nullify standing waves and return back energy in the form of efficiency, bass, tone, and texture.Q 
Calling all Horn lovers
dc10audio only makes horn loudspeakers none of which are compression drivers.Disclaimer: I work with dc10audiowww.dc10audio.com 
Calling all Horn lovers
Review of the Briton II horn loudspeakerhttp://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/the-2013-rocky-mountain-audio-fest/?page=2 
Will anyone do a report on the RMAF???
Nice RMAF review of Briton IIhttp://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/the-2013-rocky-mountain-audio-fest/?page=2 
Will anyone do a report on the RMAF???
The Coincident room sounded very good and dynamic. + very nice people!!!They were using their 12 watt SET amp and the new Coincident Turbo 28 watt SET integrated amplifier I was so impressed with the 28 watt integrated that I purchased it. It's bu... 
Will anyone do a report on the RMAF???
Lots of good feedback for: Vapor Audio, dc10audio, TAD, Coincident and that tower with the big ceramic horn! RMAF Was very BUSY!!! 
Vandersteen 2ce vs Sonus Faber Luito
Buy them and then listen to them. 
KEF first or dc10audio??
I think Tannoy was the first or was it Western Electric?!Q 
Loudspeaker Cross-Overs and the Recording Arts
LOL!! correction: studio mastering monitors are all over the BOARD not beard though beard is probably true as well.Thanks for the laugh i-phone spell check 
Loudspeaker Cross-Overs and the Recording Arts
Yes,There is much more to it and I know that as I've been involved with mastering however; The point remains everything comes out of the monitor and it calculated based on what the monitor produces.. You say line level you are incorrect for the mo... 
Loudspeaker Cross-Overs and the Recording Arts
Capacitor log Mundorf Silver in Oil
Personally, I don't care for the sound of Mundorf caps. A good similar German made cap is the Audyn. For top shelf caps I like Jupiter (USA) or Duelund (Denmark).