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Opinions - Best Sound at T.H.E. Newport 2013 Show?
Come to RMAF next time ..more fun!Q 
List of floorstanding speakers with powered woofer
Legacy! Very good value, innovative, with very good sound for a powered loudspeaker!Q 
Price Increases
labor, shipping, tape, wood crates, boxes, drivers, caps inductors, screws, finishes..... 100% of everything used has gone up a in price and some things have doubled in 2 years. A few a the big "fine" makers are 100% produced in China now I finall... 
Are Rodgers as good as advertise??
Not by today's standards. 
Which component is most responsible?
I would rate in this order: The recording..source..pre-amplifier...amplifier....speakers. The speakers are often the most innocent...unless they're not!Another way to look at this: all in all the pre-amp in the most responsible.Cheers,Q 
The best speaker you ever heard?
I've heard the TAD combo and though I thought the combo was very good they were a little on the boring side with less than exciting bass-slam, imaging was very good as was the tone but not a thrilling ride by any means.Q 
KEF first or dc10audio??
We are in production for a new 12" full range driver we do not make a coaxial such as Kef or others..Who is first? RCA? 
dc10audio use Duelund CAST capacitor ?
Duelund CAST is just quite simply the absolute reference standard and are priced accordingly. 
anyone heard dc10audio speakers?
Don,You can upgrade to the Berlin R when space permits!Q 
Speaker cables for SF Cremona Ms
dc10audio high speed cable in pure cotton dialectic with Furutech spades or Kimber Kable 12-C or vintage 14AWG solid core in cotton wire. Stay clear of snake oil!Q 
anyone heard dc10audio speakers?
Don,Thank you!Cheers,Q (Bernard) 
Tannoy Westminister VS dc10 Instrument Grande V
Kiddman,Which year and model are you talking about??Q 
Tannoy Westminister VS dc10 Instrument Grande V
The only "catch" with Tannoy's in general is they take 6 months to a year to break-in which in my opinion is a minor flaw in the driver design; I think the spiders used are too stiff for the lightweight diaphragms used and would be improved with t... 
Why not horns?
Horns make me horny 
The best speaker you ever heard?
Mickey Katz was the first and the absolute pioneer of using cat hair for cabinet damping; the results were amazing with much more open detail than synthetic fibres or wool. The cat hair was collected washed 3 time in a lime based soap and then rat...