Sundazed Records

Has anyone purchased vinyl from these guys?
Recording quality? Issues with record?

I am specifically looking at a 180gr copy of Stevie Ray Vaughan's
"Couldn't Stand the Weather"

Maybe you have it?


One NRBQ pressing I bought had almost zero lead-in groove on 1 side. Other than that, the few Ive bought sound very good.
I have all of the SRV Sundazed reissues. They are really quite good. Not up the level of the Pure Pleasure reissues, but less than half the price.

I have a lot of the Sundazed reissues and find, for the most part, they are very good. Well worth the asking price.

4 Men With Beards is also another very good and less expensive reissue house.
My Sundazed are all just decent, not great. If you love SRV then try to spend on the Pure Pleasures, WAY better sounding.
I have a few and there worth the investment. The price is not outlandish and buy from their website because they do have closeouts on there. I here the Jeff Beck Truth in mono they sell is the snizzle.Have one but haven't played it yet.
I purchased Canned Heat their debut offering in Mono on Sundazed and it kicks ass. This is a pure blues effort and it shines.
I bought a Sundazed reissue of the Vanilla Fudge that was nicely pressed, but sounded like it was cut from a bad cassette dupe. I would basically avoid them in the absence of a specific recommendation about a title.
I have quite a few of their releases. All have been at least good. They are not meant to be true "audiophile" pressings but are very good standard pressings. In other words a DCC, Simply Vinyl, Classic, Pure Pleasure, etc, will usually be better, but a lot of their stuff isn't available anywhere else, and some come close to true audiophile quality. I have never gotten a bad sounding copy of anything from them so far, and they are generally better than any original pressings that I have. Always exceptions of course.
Under the YMMV category, I recently got a Sundazed copy of Spirit's Clear LP. Sounds great except on Side 2 cuts 4 & 6 where there is extreme distortion in a couple of spots on each cut. I returned the first copy, but the second was almost as bad. Tried one more time, but the distortion is on the third copy as well. This is the only problem I have had with Sundazed SQ/QC, but it's really disappointing as I really like this album.
Sundazed is pressing at least some of their stuff at QRP now, such as their mono Dylan titles. Reports are that their QRP pressed vinyl is better than their earlier pressings done elsewhere.

I have not had great experience with 4 Mens With Beards. Sure they have reissues of titles that are hard to find good originals of. But not up the quality of Sundazed (esp QRP Sundazed) or recent Sony Legacy reissues (like that mono Hendrix!).
I agree that Clear is great album. I have a 2 LP set w/ the debut on the first record, and Clear on the next. Strange that they skipped the 2nd album, although I have never heard it. FWIW, Twelve Dreams on Sundazed was pressed at QRP. I have not heard it, but I would think it's better.
The only Sundazed LP I have so far is S&G's Bridge Over Troubled Water. I bought it because my 3 original pressings are all in pretty bad shape. I am waiting for some upgrade parts to my record cleaning machine to see if any of those 3 are salvageable, but if not after a good cleaning, they're on the way to the thrift store.

The sound on BOTW is very close to the originals, and that never was one of the better sounding S&G recordings. I would have to say that the record is better sounding than the Sony MasterSound Gold CD, though, and that CD is the best digital version I've heard.

I'll be buying a copy of the S&G Bookends album soon, but other than that, I don't care much for MONO records and their artist roster doesn't have much else that interests me. From what I am reading on the other forums, though, Sundazed makes a superior product to most of the major labels like Rhino, WEA, Sony etc.
Wait for the Quality Record Pressings release coming in August 2013 on the Analogue Productions Label.

I've already got The Doors L.A. Woman on this label and it is awesome. So I would expect the Stevie LPs to be just as good.
My limited understanding about Sundazed is that they pretty much rely on straight transfers. Yes, they'll attempt to cut through the crud and grime in order to achieve better clarity but they are not out to compete with people like Steve Hoffman, etc...
I would have to say that the Sundazed Dylan is preferable to the Columbia in the sense that Sundazed is reputably consistent but Columbia is notorious for making careless errors. Lastly, the previous mention about getting a better remastered pressing is sound advice unless you prefer the original mix.
I'm just about to discover Pure Pleasure, any advice for a greenhorn?