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The best speaker for a small any price point.
I'm wanting to buy a pair of rebuilt Quad 57's for the same reason. 
What is the best solid state amplifier you have ever heard?
Hard to believe there's no mention of the ASR Emitter II Exclusive. It runs on a battery, fed by two power supplies. It's been a venerated amp since the 1980's. 
how do you know if you need a dac ?
toyo18, I know that Ayre made a high end CD player that could be connected to a computer and used as a stand alone DAC but I don't remember the model number of the CD player. Anyway, the DAC chip that was inside that CD player was their best, most... 
Sorry to ask this SACD question, but
Wouldn't this issue be resolved if Apple and Sony would get along so that Apple could create a super drive that reads SACD? 
how do you know if you need a dac ?
I have the Ayre QB9 DSD DAC. I believe the DAC that Ayre uses in their CD Players is equal if not better sounding. Are you certain you can't use your CD player as a stand alone DAC as well? If not, I'd call Ayre. 
Who is the best singer of the world ?
Sandrine Piau 
Has anybody tried Qobuz Streaming service?
Lowrider,I believe I have. The Amarra is touchy but once it's up and running, it rarely falters. Honestly, I've never had a problem while streaming from a radio station website iplayer but the signal is less than MP3 resolution. 
Has anybody tried Qobuz Streaming service?
Hi Lowrider,I'm streaming at 5gHz via ethernet not wifi. The problem occurred with Tidal and now Quobuz via the website player but with Amarra SQ. I've gone back to streaming France Musique and WDR 3 and they're free.As for my high end stereo, I d... 
Has anybody tried Qobuz Streaming service?
Has anyone experienced tracks jumping from one to the other mid-stream? This has been a common experience for me as well as having to turn off my screen saver so that the stream isn't interrupted. 
Has anybody tried Qobuz Streaming service?
hgeifman,I recently had the cable technicians out to my house, one at the pole and one at the house due to weather issues. My router and modem were replaced. My download speed is around 250 mps with no latency issues. My Apple software is High Sie... 
Has anybody tried Qobuz Streaming service?
I've tried trial versions of Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music and lastly Quobuz. I've decided that buying actual discs or downloading PCM and/or DSD is better for me than using a streaming service. Especially given that I'm mostly interested in audioph... 
Origin Live Cartridge Enabler
gilles130, please do report and I'l do the same. 
Origin Live Cartridge Enabler
slaw, millercarbon,I have the Origin Live belt on my TT and thought well enough of it not to send it back. The talc suggestion did nothing but cause the belt to slip and create a bit of a mess to have to clean up but next time I need another belt,... 
Martin Logan electrostatic speakers, How do you know if the panels are good?
I own Quad 2905's and I had to make repairs. Other than listening to them to see if they sizzle, pop or sound distorted in general, you'll have to take them apart. Two main things to consider are burns in the material or board separations from bro... 
Qubuz feedback and membership Plan Suggestions
Is anyone using Audirvana Plus with Quobuz, if so how is that working out?