Suggestions for Integrated amp.

Greetings everyone.

I believe that i am ready to downsize my entire rig and have been looking at some integrated amps.
Right now I have a Krell KAV 250 A Power Amp, Classe 6L MKII,  Marantz Sa11 S1 CD, Pioneer S-2ex Loudspeakers with dedicated stands (Read TAD), Linn Axis table and miscellaneous Audioquest interconnects and Cardas Cross speaker wires, by wire.  

I don't think that I want to deal with tubes due to the hassle, heat and space in my rack is at a premium. I love the fact that the speakers are super fast and the Krell/Classe combo controls bass with aplomb. I guess that I am looking at something more romantic and definitely darker so I can listen to it for hours without fatigue.

I listened to  the Parasound Halo integrated integrated which was very nice. I also keep reading great things about the Marantz reference integrated PM11-s3.(Which would match my CD player.
 I am not sure if I really need 250 watts per channel. I once borrowed a pair of Audience SE 24 XLR and were absolutely fabulous but super expensive. I am a professional musician (pianist) and play live music constantly so I may be hard to please. I don't mind going back to tone controls since I HATE BRIGHT!!!! and I am honestly tired of the whole Hi Fi Audiophile stuff. Just want to sit down and listen to music. I do appreciate good quality but I am ready to give it all up. I don't have a dedicated listening room so that poses a problem.  Suggestions please and thanks in advance. Best wishes. 
Devialet, done.  No brainer. 
Are you talking about the D-Premier? Sounds like you need a degree in computer science to operate the thing...
I think you need to get that tweeter under control, it clearly bothers you. And those speakers do enjoy power. What kind of money do you have in mind? Also, new or used or it depends ? And I would replace all cables with one brand, neither Audioquest nor Cardas. 
Wells Audio Majestic, only $3499.
If you're on a tighter budget than the units noted above, look at the Cambridge 851A. I had the previous 840A years back and preferred it over a much more expensive Marantz Reference. The Marantz units are good but I think there's better for the money; prefer their players over their amps. Lots of Cambridge dealers out there so if you're close to one try one at home first.
.Are you talking about the D-Premier? Sounds like you need a degree in computer science to operate the thing...

Actually just the opposite. D-Premier, 120, 200, 400, 800 they are all essentially the same. It is the most user friendly piece of gear I have used. Sophisticated, yes but the entire thing is set up using a configurator online. You can play with it here; http://http//

Click on an input to activate or disable it, click the carrot to configure.
Can't go wrong with the Modwright KWI-200, lots of clean power to drive most any speaker and on the used market its very affordable. 
As far as budget is concerned I will guess in the $3500 range and most likely used. I am sure I can sell my existing gear to partially fund the new amp. 
Hello Inna. Thanks for your response regarding the Audioquest and Cardas Cables. Suggestions???
I have also considered the Simaudio 700I and Ayre makes a great integrated. However they are very expensive even in the used market. I am not particularly attached to the speakers and would consider a change there as well. I like monitors due to space and pinpoint imaging. Floor standers are out of the question due to space in our living room. 
I see a PASS INT-150 for sale on Audiogon right now that is mint for $3950.  A little above your budget, but a great SS integrated that offers some of the warmth of tubes, at a great price. 
Simaudio and Pass are a nice choice IMO as stated above and Ive had both but I would suggest listening to a used Plinius before throwing cash down
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Terrible sound, whatever contributes to it. I suspect the speakers first of all.
Pivetta, the fact that you could consider replacing the speakers too both simplifies and complicates the matter. Choice of cables will depend on what eventually you will end up with.
That's good sound. Start at about 9:00
I do like the speakers and I was able to audition them at home with my existing rig. Yes, they may be a little revealing but I remember listening to them also in the store with Bryston equipment and they were not bright at all. For some reason I don't remember being bright and I bought them as a demo therefore they had tons of hours.

I am also not ruling out that the equipment may be wearing out or my hearing (at 56) is also changing.
I love the super fast way that they play and percussion and drums are our of this world. I am still considering the cable route. I am a big fan of Audience but they are Uber expensive even in the used market. Thanks again to all for your comments.
There are Audience interconnects here for sale for $300-$350. You could get them and see how it will change the sound.
Does the Classe have a phono stage? I understand that you hear brightness with both turntable and cd player.

Anyone else demo Wells Audio?