Squeezbox Touch USB or SPDIF?

What output is the best to external DAC from Squeezbox Touch?
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I am surprised and feel slightly guilty when people agree with me as I'm certain there's a large mistake somewhere.
I also agree with Wolf Garcia. I know I max hi-res out at 96/24, but so far, I don't miss getting higher res files to play back through the SBT.
Agree with the "Wolf" man.
I'm actually in the quest to get either Antelope Zodiac or Mytek 192 DSD(want to try this one BADLY). Both units can do the job without additional driver installation and have great headphone outputs.
Mytek 192 makes much more sense to me since they don't charge almost double for having an analogue input(preamp version).
My 2 cents: I use the "Squeeze" S/PDIF output to a DAC...works very well and sounds amazing.
To use the soundcheck mods to output USB from the touch, you'll need a USB DAC that does not require software to be installed on the source computer. This will work with a Benchmark DAC, e.g., but not with my Wyred4Sound.
I'll try both ways
Grannyring, happy to know this worked out for you!
Marakanetz, In in Grannyring's case, he has a DAC/integrated with only USB input. An USB is a great option to have, but I do not know which will ultimately sound better. Like Kal said, try it out and hear which sounds better in your system.
Only because one can now use a better sounding USB dac with the SB.
You have to listen to the two options and decide.


Why is is it "well worth it" to go with the USB reprogrammed as an output rather than using SPDIF? Just wonder what the reasoning is there....
Easy to program to use the USB as an output and well worth it! It can be reversed easily so no risk. Step by step directions available on the net.
It can be "reprogrammed" for USB output but the effort may not be worth it.

The Touch does not have a USB output so you must use SP/DIF