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Spotify HiFi
Huge!  Been waiting for this for many years.  Spotify Connect means I don't have to pay for  Roon just to have remote control of Tidal and the interface, catalog, playlists, and social aspect are tops IMO. 
High Output Preamp for First Watt SIT-3?
Chiming in late here, but would like to add that I have a SIT-3 that sounds wonderful with my Maggie 1.6.  Of course, I do not listen very loudly but at moderately high levels (guesstimating 90-95 dB) the SIT-3 sounds significantly better than my ... 
Allo Digione Signature + LPS vs. Berkeley Alpha USB to SPDIF Converter?
Yes, I do prefer SPDIF to USB. This DAC has tube SPDIF inputs and, while USB still sounds very good, SPDIF brings a bigger, wider, more open, vivid sound. Aside from the size aspect, music through the USB input sounds like the performers are just ... 
Allo Digione Signature + LPS vs. Berkeley Alpha USB to SPDIF Converter?
I'm going to answer my own question in case anyone else finds themselves in this situation.  The Alpha USB is better and it's not close.  I can see why people rave about it.  Just more natural and refined, more 3D and more inner detail.  It combin... 
A warm DAC?
AMR DP-777. Amazing analog sounding DAC with tube input (on SPDIF), R-2R (on redbook and 96 kHz), AND delta-sigma (on hi-res). 
+1 for MHDT 
Best DAC for around $2,500 or less
Throwing iFi Pro iDSD into the ring.  Excellent sounding DAC and incredibly versatile. 
Pass Labs AMP’s- What is the best Pass Amp Sound for You from past 10 years
I've owned Aleph 3, Aleph 30, XA30.5, and for the past 5 years First Watt SIT-2, along with lots of tube and SS amps from other companies.  SIT-2 was a revelation, marrying many of the best qualities of SS and tube amps.  I recently decided to try... 
DENAFRIPS Terminator and Schiit Yggdrasil Evaluation and Comparison
@audiofun Did you ever write up that review on the iFi Pro iDSD?  How does it compare to your AMR DP-777SE?  I've been out of the hifi game for several years but have been bitten by the bug again after deciding to try the First Watt SIT-3 amp and ... 
Psvane CV181-T in Dehavilland Ultraverve?
I haven't used this amp, but I've never been disappointed with a Psvane/Black Treasure tube, CV181-T included. 
Is the Almarro 318B For Me?Any Others?
"... the only thing I missed with this amp is more depth in the SS & better imaging."This is where I felt the A318B missed the mark. Somewhat flat and diffuse. If you are really high on that "you are there" imaging, I wouldn't recommend it.Wha... 
Bel Canto C5i
I think the DAC is the weak link in this package. It sounds relatively flat The guy I sold mine to agreed. I've used the pre section going out to a Pass Aleph 3 and it did a fine job. Though if you're going to use a separate DAC and power amp it's... 
Luxman M-600A
You're about 5 years late on that one. ;) 
Luxman M-600A
I'll gotta tell ya, if your speakers are up to the task, the First Watt SIT-2 takes the cake. It is something special! 
Capacitor and tube upgrade for Von Gaylord Lad L-2
Thanks, I'm going to try a Synergistic Research SR20 fuse. I've had good results with Hifi Tuning and Furutech in other applications, just never occurred to me to put here!I'll have to try the Wattgate plug too. I like the 7000s cables a LOT and w...