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Integrated amp for Sonus Faber olympica nova 1
Luxman L-590AX II or L-595ASE. Recently out of production and limited edition, respectively, but maybe you can find a dealer with stock or just buy used. It’s hard to get the richness and body of Pass Labs, but Luxman Class A comes close and is pr... 
How to Add Remote Controlled Volume to Dac + Amp That Doesn't Support It
Placette Remote Volume Control (RVC).  Essentially a one input passive preamp using high quality Vishay resistors.  Very transparent, meaning it doesn't add or subtract from the source sound.  They can be found used around $400-500.  There's also ... 
DAC recommendation in 5 to 10K range
MSB Discrete.  I did not care too much for the tone of the Lumin X1, though soundstage was humongous.  MSB is so fluid and musical but very resolving.  Very easy to get lost in the music, as they say.  
WiFi streaming — streamer vs. through iPad
I use this little wireless bridge to then hardwire to my streamer/DAC: TPLink N300. Aside from being tiny and unobtrusive it has the benefit of being powered by 5V micro USB so I was able to use a spare linear power supply to further enhance it. I... 
Comments re: MSB Director upgrade cost, additional hardware and cables
Yeah, seems like a way to squeeze out that last little bit of performance.  If you have $100k+ invested in a Select DAC you probably want that, but I doubt the improvement would be close to revelatory.  Don't know until you try though.  
Bel Canto one-C5i Integrated Amp : A Power On question
No the amp won't be affected.  But if you're concerned best to ask Bel Canto directly.  
Looking for specs on Joseph audio model rm30si
Did you contact Joseph Audio?  
Luxman L505uXii or Hegel H390
Doubtful it was the H390, which is anything but painful and "digital" sounding.  It's smoother and a bit darker than the 509X.  However, I have read that prior Hegel models, and I think those below H390 or H190, do have a more sterile and "neutral... 
Which DACs are known to be sweet/rich/relaxed?
What in the world happened with this thread?  It's gone off the rails and straight into orbit.  
Luxman L505uXii or Hegel H390
Tough choice--agree that it probably depends on taste and synergy.  It's kind of hard for me to imagine the lowest tier Luxman beating the penultimate Hegel.  I had the H390 and currently have the Luxman L-509X.  While I think the Luxman is the be... 
Streaming with the Hegel H390
I had and enjoyed the H390, and currently have Wilson Tunetots, though not both at the same time.  If I had put to a $ figure on the performance of the DAC and streamer sections of the H390 I'd say about $1k and $500, respectively.  They are prett... 
Help - Need recommendation for my Sonus Faber Sonetto V!!
I used to own the Boulder 866 and just acquired the Luxman 509X.  They are both stunning!  One is not clearly superior over the other and it comes down to preference and synergy.  Luxman has a cleaner, more precise sound, lively, and pretty juicy.... 
Auditioning The Fyne 703 Soon
@tuberist Did you ever get to audition these speakers?  
Duelund Tinned Copper Bypass Caps vs Duelund CAST, Jupiter Copper Foil, VCap CuTF
@audioman58 Thanks, great input!  Very happy to hear CAST level sonics can now be had for a lot less money!  
Is it good to upgrade the crossovers in your speakers?
I've always been satisfied upgrading crossover capacitors, resistors, inductors without changing the design/values.  Generally you get what you pay for, that's my experience.