Sony PS-X9

I'm close to making a purchase of mentioned TT.  Price is right at $13K.  Price wise, could I buy a better TT ??

Thanks in advance, 

 As a person who owns several rare top-of-the-line direct drive turntable‘s, I am not at all sure that $13,000 is the right price for the PSX9. That is for you to decide. However, I can say that I paid about half that much for an NOS technics SP 10 Mark III, about 7-8years ago. Also, Because the Sony is so rare, most of us have never heard it. Therefore, it is impossible even for someone like me to say whether there is something better out there for similar cost. I do know that my mk3 and my Kenwood L07D (currently worth $3500 to $5k) leave little to be desired.
Thanks for such prompt response.   I am aware that there is an up charge for its rarity.  I am wanting to collect, but also have a good sounding TT.  I have considered an SP 10, P3, and a GT 2000 vintage TT.  Newer models (pre owned) , I am considering a Kuzma or a Balance.  

There aren't many PS-X9 available to price check....

True that. I’ve only ever seen it in photos. JP Jones owns one I think. Perhaps he has an informed opinion.
JP does have one that came with an SME arm mounting board,
if I recall correctly replacing it with another original board
was proving very difficult. 

If you're referring to replacement of the tonearm mount, that's neither here nor there, as regards the "goodness" of a PS-X9.  I do think JP likes his very much, however, at least on the technical level.  Personally, among the classic Japanese direct-drives that I don't own, I most lust for an Exclusive P3.  On the other hand, I am very very happy with what I do have.
Is this the table?

Unquestionably, an engineering masterpiece. Value  naturally, is in the wallet of the buyer.

I would test the waters however, and see where this sellers "selling price" is.

If I were into something like this, I would stress to the seller you have cash READY to wire at a better negotiable price.

$13K buys much more choice in the latest gear WITH a dealer to support your purchase.
Hi,$13k sounds high, Ive seen them sell for around £5k gbp over the years I've been looking..

Have you looked at the HW-40 by VPI? That is an impressive direct drive turntable that one might get a price close to what you would spend on the Sony.
My upgrade search began 6 months ago.  The criteria is as follows; sound, rarity and looks.  I want a "statement" piece,  with the looks and sound to match.  I thought of a Technique Sp 10 mk3, and a few others mentioned,  however, they are all readily available...

I prefer to buy "preowned", as it allows me greater options and no mark up..


I prefer to buy "preowned", as it allows me greater options and no mark up.
$13,000 for an old Sony PS-X9 sounds like a helluva markup to me.
Could buy better sound for under 5k .
LOL    13,000$  for the PS-X9 is a theft, if you see it every now and then on ebay around 6-7000$  and keep well.
Again,  I began my search 6 months ago.  The few I have seen, are at the $13K mark.  How much of that is "mark up" is unbeknownst to me; I've had nothing else to compare to..

Before dropping the coin. I thought it a good idea and reach out to you fine people for advice. 

The few I have seen, are at the $13K mark.  

Not in europe.
I have never seen one that was actually for sale in the here and now.  I have seen listings that "ended" months or years before I found them.  I have to think, though, that one could find it for less than 5-figures.  I would shop in Tokyo or Hong Kong.  Contact someone at Hifido in Japan, and let them know you're a serious buyer.  And then settle down to wait.  OR, jump on the one you've found. On this subject too, it would be wise to contact JP and ask for his input on cost.  He has a website, Fidelis Analog.
Thank you all.  I will communicate with HiFiDo, I've purchased from them before. 

I will also contact JP.

I paid 4500 EUR two years ago on eBay for mine and 180 EUR shipping from Germany. The packing was superb. I considered 4500 to be on the high side.
Jp, what are your impressions of the ps x9?

They are asking considerably more than $4,500.... I need to reconsider. 


Yes... the same OLD question...any suggetions??

I am considering a balance ($12K with arm)

A Kuzma XL?? none currently available preowned. 

Thanks in advance, 

I haven't spent much time with it.  I also tend to not get in to recommendations except for close friends where I know what their preferences, etc, are. 

I don't understand the arm question.  The PS-X9 is not made to swap arms.  Doing so would obliterate the value of the unit if it can't be reversed like it never happened, which is very unlikely. 

If you're referring to replacement of the tonearm mount, that's neither here nor there, as regards the "goodness" of a PS-X9.

Looking at the way arms have an integrated mounting as shown 
in the Ebay listing any substations look problematic.


What do you think of the phonostage in the PS-X9?
totem, You may have a point; I did not look at any photos.  From memory, I thought the PS-X9 per se comes as a chassis for which there would be a separate plinth to mount the tonearm.  But...
The following was posted on Audiokarma by a fellow who owns PS-X9, Nakamichi Dragon CT, Nakamichi TX-1000, Pioneer PL-L1, Sony Biotracer PS-B80, SonyTTS-8000:
"OK, then everyone, sorry for the delay but I’ve finally got a chance to post a few thoughts on the big fella.

I initially fired it up last weekend, loaded up with an Ortofon LH-2000 headshell and Ortofon MC Jubilee cartridge. The Jubilee because I’ve used it on both the Nakamichi TX-1000 and the Sony PS-X9 and know how it sounds on them. The Ortofon headshell was necessary because the Yamaha shell has tapped fixing holes from below but the Jubilee has tapped holes from above.

And the verdict? Good. Very good indeed. The deck has a fine sense of depth and focus and a lovely sweet top end. Bass was deep but a little ponderous at times, and certainly not up to the PS-X9 standard ( but then, no turntable I’ve ever heard is). All in all, it seemed a good counterpoint to the Nakamichi - the TX-1000 is crisp and snappy but the GT is a bit more laid back.

All in all, very good, if perhaps not quite the jaw dropping stunner I was hoping for. But then we come to tonight...

After a week of idleness with the GT generally getting in the way in the lounge, I decided to have another play before moving it out of the way. I wanted to try the Yamaha headshell so a different cartridge was called for. Now, I like Ortofons and have quite a few, but they all seem to require screws from above - no good. However, as I was rummaging, I came across my Denon DL-103 and remembered a few of the folks on here have suggested the arm works well with one of these, so I thought why not give it a bash?

Well, I installed it, poured a glass of wine and sat down for a quick listen. That was about 6:00 - it is now 9:50 and I’m still going strong, because, holy crap, I still cannot quite believe what I’m hearing! As I type this, I am not listening to a band - I genuinely think The Eagles are down the other end of the lounge. The scale, effortlessness and sheer dynamics are absolutely staggering. That bass that was a bit ponderous is now deep, fast, cavernous and as tight as a whale’s blowhole at 50 fathoms! I’ve always had a soft spot for the DL-103 and know that it works better in chunky arms, but I have genuinely never, ever heard it sound like this before. Earlier on, I played some fairly epic choral material recorded in a church and even at a sensible volume, the low bass notes from the pipe organ were tingling the hairs on my arm. Equally, Sarah Mclachlan’s live ‘Mirrorball’ album is a bit of a sharp, splashy pressing if you’re not careful, but not right now it isn’t - it’s crisp and shiny, but yet detailed and clean.

All in all, I’m absolutely gobsmacked and chuffed to bits. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to find more records!"

What do you think of the phonostage in the PS-X9?

I haven’t refurbed my unit yet so I havn’t paid much attention to it.  As I use an active DSP crossover I also use DSP for RIAA, so swapping phono stages is a bit more work for me than most. 
By "GT", is he (reviewer) referring to the Yamaha GT2000 ?  

I am willing to pay a bit extra for the sony, however, not twice as much.  I am partial to vintage gear.

There is an audio show next month in Florida, I will be attending, maybe I will find something there.



Yes he was referring to the Yamaha GT 2000.

I very much doubt you'll find an PS-X9 at an audio show in Florida, but stranger things have happened, I guess.
If a Rega P8 will not best a Sony PS-X9 I will eat it .
Sorry for the confusion.   What I meant,  was that I would be able to audition other TT.

I will look at the Rega.

I'm looking at some SP 10 MK2&3 as well. 

Is that the show in Tampa, FL you are referring to?
Yes.  It will be my first time to attend an audio show.

You know,  the search started out pretty simple/basic, it has consumed as of late...

I will try to attend if work does not get in the way but have no idea quite what to expect.
I only learned of it today myself from a friend.
Schubert, do you want hollandaise sauce on that?
That made me spill my Bailey's!

Do not mean to hijack this thread and can create a new one if required but...
Lots of talk of High end Japanese DD tables here so does anyone know anything about the Kenwood KP 07.
It looks like a million dollars especially with its factory smoked circular perspex cover( try making one of those today!).
Thank you
Uber, I own an L07D and am familiar with most of the lesser Kenwoods, yet I have never seen this particular model.  Very interesting.  Do you know the vintage, when it was made?  Seems to be direct drive; yes?

That piece of wood that presents in the front is reminiscent of the L07D, the plinth of which uses constrained layer damping.  The wood is an actual layer of the plinth structure which is squeezed together with upper and lower layers of non-resonant concrete-like material, by several substantial machine screws.  The motor is fastened in such that it contacts this larger structure.  I have no idea if the turntable you show here is built that way, and the tonearm does not look to be in the same league with the L07J tonearm on the L07D, but still....

Could not find out too much info from the web, seems it is a pretty rare bird indeed, Japanese market only.

Couple of threads on Audiokarma too where people are discussing buying one but never found any instance of anybody actually doing so. One instance of one guy buying one from Japan but posts ended before we learned if he ever finished restoring it .

Got this

 Presumably the one that you are thinking of purchasing would come to you in absolute tiptop working order. I should hope so, at that price. I say this because you might keep in mind that you can still buy many well recognized high end Japanese vintage direct drive turntables for no more than $1000. In this case, of course, you are getting a plinth and a tonearm in the bargain. That certainly is added value.I am thinking in particular of a Denon DP80 or DP 75.

is a cheap turntable sold in the Japanese market; it is not even comparable to L07D
Think that should say "cheaper" not cheap … lol
$600 in 1988 was still not chump change.
Granted the L-07D was considerably more dollars and rightfully so.
Ok I am done hijacking this thread with that question, thank you to those who replied and back onto the original $14000 question!
Umm... correction; $13,000.00 question.

13900 sure is a LOT closer to 14000 than 13000 would you not agree?
Unless you have negotiated down to 13000 from sellers asking price of 13900?

Just checked again and on top of that they want 850 shipping? They personally delivering it in white gloves or what??

Sorry but I do think it is rather over priced.

But your call and your money my friend.
I understand where Jose' may be coming from.  If you've searched for something that is rare and difficult to find, audio gear or other, and then you find it, you are prone to overpay in just to get the thing you've been after.  I've been there, done that.  But I think Jose' is reconsidering based on cost and on JP's report of his experience buying a PS-X9.  Rightly so.  
I’d hate to see you making a speculator’s day paying that. Maybe you’re a well off collector and that’s fine. But if you are looking for excellence per dollar, this does not seem to be the right path.
What about a new Technics in an OMA iron plinth? I heard it at the NY Audio show and Fremer raves about it. Or an Artisan Fidelity Garrard?
If you want to make a statement and use tonearms of your choice, look at these;
There is a Sony here for E2300
Seems a little more realistic tbh ($2650), although probably not had the refurb that the one on ebay says it has but still.....
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