S/N ratio vs. dishes and stupid cats.

Anybody else find all their informed decisions and money spent on component selection for that elusive synergy squandered by hungry whiny cats and the sound of kitchen cleaning in the background? I really appreciate it when my wife cleans up but the soundstage completely collapses when she runs the disposer.
add ceiling fans, room air conditioners and the furnace kicking on during a carefully arranged demo of a new cable. the things we endure.....
If that's the problem, then the decisions were not informed! Time to think about headphones ;-)
Cats down the disposer will only only make the matter worse!
Like Tammy Wynette says, D-I-V-O-R-C-E !!!!!! :)
At our ages, whose hearing is that good compared to 20 years ago? (And now the legions of listeners who can hear mice piss on wool are sure to chime in). Fortunately, these are all expensive TOY purchases anyways. Try living in tranquil, scenic Forest Hills (NYC) surrounded by the Grand Central, LIE, and Van Wyck on a street with a major bus route no less.

All in good fun,


A huge sound killer - (most) energy-efficient refrigerators that hum, whistle, click, thud, shutter, etc. at least thirty minutes for every hour of operation. Especially dreadful when placed in homes with so-called "great rooms" (nothing great about them) and hard surface flooring. Give me an old-fashion walled-off (especially kitchen) room anytime. Note: Jenn Aire millionaires and those with dedicated audio/entertainment palaces - this post is not directed to you, I'm addressing the incredible shrinking middle-class audiophile (c:
Clean up in the kitchen and feed the cats before you start listening .
Our cat is as quiet as a church mouse and the better half and daughter avoid loud or annoying house work when I'm home .
you need a man cave!
I do have a man cave but it is stuffed with motorcycles and bicycles that cause unwanted metallic-sounding reflections from the Double Advents in there.
Sometimes when listen in the evening my wife seems to pick that time as jacuzzi time also. All I hear then is a low rumble come through my black background.
BTW I do have a man cave. That does not seem to matter or have any effect. I could try to move the cave to the basement but from time to time the basement gets wet so I think not.
My problem is not from within the house, but from the street with the idiots and their subwoofers passing by. The other problem is nieghborhood barking dogs. Why would anyone want a creature that leaves crap everywhere and uncontrollably produces loud sharp noises? Get a goldfish for crying out loud! And these punks with their crap cars that tripled their value when they added their stereo! What ever happend to noise ordinances? Oh and I guess the refridgerator does make a humming noise once and a while.
Another PITA audio assault for some is house water softener, especially in backwash mode. The more modern life becomes, the more noise intrudes in life.
Why would anyone want a creature that leaves crap everywhere and uncontrollably produces loud sharp noises?

That's why I never wanted children!

The other problem is nieghborhood barking dogs. Why would anyone want a creature that leaves crap everywhere

Look on the bright side ... those dogs have created more "Shovel Ready Jobs" than Obama ever did
Simple... when you're listening just tell your wife to go to her room and the cat will follow. You can try asking nicely first but if that doesn't work just put your foot down. You're the "man," right?
Good ones Ddd1 and Plato!!!!!
Davehrab, I must agree and add: at no expense to future generations of taxpayers.
Don't blame the dogs ! Blame the owners . We have had many fine canines , I was able to teach each and everyone of them not to bark unnecessarily . It was allot easier then teaching the better half not to natter away like a mad squirrel .
I guess I'm lucky , my listening/living room is free of annoying noise except for low level heating and A/C noise .
S/N ratio vs. Pick-up truck. This is why I've always been satisfied with a cassette deck, especially on the highway. I don't believe cassette decks are available in any current new vehicle.