stupid newbie 45 question

I just bought a used Pro-Ject 2.9 turntable, and picked up some new records at record store day recently, including a couple singles. I figured out how to change the speed, and two of the singles played with no problem. However the third one has a large hole in the middle, so I cannot center it exactly. Am I missing something in how to play this, or is there some accessory piece I need? I tried centering it my best anyway but stopped when it played with a lot of wow.
You need a 45 rpm adapter that you can put on the spindle. Not sure if your table comes with it.
You could also buy some adapters that make that BIG hole into a smaller hole like a regular album.;jsessionid=0a0104451f43597efd3014534e0d92aa807c596244d4.e3eSbNmQaheLe3aQc40?sc=2&category=440;jsessionid=0a0104451f43597efd3014534e0d92aa807c596244d4.e3eSbNmQaheLe3aQc40?sc=2&category=440
Thanks for the tips. That site looks pretty useful.