Robin Trower

I thought that might get your attention.

"In Love". Short @ sweet, can it get any better?

Need I go on?
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In this place, Bridge of Sighs.
The Bridge of Sighs LP is one of my all time favorites! It has also been re-released.
My original copy of "Bridge of Sighs' sounds very compressed. Anybody else have the same problem?
I have an original copy of BOS and it sounds quite nice, no better or worse for releases of that era.

From a pure sonics standpoint, "For Earth Below" is the real gem among Trower's original vinyl releases.

I can't speak to any of the digital products.
If you like Trower - check out 'seven moons' released a couple of years ago where he works together with Jack Bruce...other than that - the Bridge Of Sighs for me...
BOS is tops for me. Second is 20th Century Blues. Saw RT a few weeks back - incredible show, except for his singer (too wimpy for RT's powerful style of playing).
My favorite would be In City Dreams. Just a fantastic recording.
My Robin Lps aren't "state of the art" by any means but are extremely enjoyable. This is the type of music that will probably never be made again. I feel privileged to own his works.
By the way, "Back It Up" ROCKS!
Slaw - well said, I completely agree
2nd Bridge of Sighs. love it from start to finish. saw them in a 3000 seat auditorium in Hammond Indiana back in the day. what a kick ass show that was!
I saw Trower once in the late 90's. Very good show but I don't own any of his stuff. Bridge of Size I remember being amazing live.
Bridge of Size?

You're right, that's amazing.
To me, everything that Trower has done is pretty amazing. Alethea, a lithe bit of sympathy and on and on....Saw RT live a few years back....almost made me give up playing...instead he motivated me more in the end.