Anyone catch Robin Trower on tour?

Seeing him Sat night can't wait!
I plan to see him in ATL soon.
I'm not seeing him...but I have before. I saw him in a fairly small club, just outside of Detroit a few years back....the man can play!

yes about 30 years ago! The guitar was so loud it felt like someone was punching me in the chest the whole time! It was a tremendous performance and I would see him again in a flash.
Saw him about 10 years ago on NYC and although he played great, he did not seem into it and the show was very short.
Saw him some 20 yrs ago with RoyBuchanan warming up for him. Up to that point I'd never heard of Roy but he actually blew RT off the stage, it was at the old Capital Theater in Passaic,NJ, never forget that show!
i saw him in his 'gibson' days with procol, as well as later with his own band

If you liked Roy's playin', pick up a CD of Danny Gatton - Cruisin Deuces. The dude could play the geetar!

Do you live in NJ? I am in Northern NJ.

Happy Listening.
I used to live in wayne, but nnpot since the mid late 80's, now I am in Florida, which seems to be where everyone from the Tristate area ends up...
Saw him back in the day with Procul Harum,The Broken Barricades tour. One of the tightest bands I've ever seen live,Trower blew the roof off of The Santa Monica Civic with his solo on Whaling Stories. Great concert.
Looking forward to seeing Trower for the first time at BB King's in NYC later this month. FWIW, I saw Roy Buchanan at My Father's Place in Roslyn, LI, six weeks before he committed suicide; was it something I said?
I saw him last year at a small not for profit concert hall near me (IMAC Theater in Huntington LI). He WAS loud. most of the souond came from the stage and not from the PA system, I think :-)

He was also awesome. Stood in the middle of the stage away from his Marshalls and away from his effects pedals/switches and still got whatever sound he wanted out of that guitar.

Tha show was short though, but something not to miss.


Roy Buchanan's suicide has always bothered me in a way. reportedly his suicide note was about how unknown he was and how he never got the fame he deserved (OK, he was tanked when he wrote it and killed himself but...) and that has always brought a dark cloud over one of my favorite albums and songs of his "That's Not What I'm Here For" which is all about how he doesn't care for fame or fortune, he just wanted to play great music, and hge WAS highly regarded as a guitar player, teaching many of the current masters.
Kenny - I'm thinking the Roy B. concert was probably 30 years ago, at least.
No, couldn't have been, I was driving my Dad's 1976 Cadillac Coupe De Vile (older by then) and I was a senior in HS, so it was late 1984 or early 1985, so no more than 24 years ago..... God I am getting old!
My buddy caught the show in Nashville. Jack Bruce was the bass player (no kidding). Unfortunately, my friend said there were only about 100 people in attendance and the band was clearly disappointed by the turnout. I guess they only played for about 70 minutes. I saw him years ago and I sure wish I could catch this tour, but he's not stopping anywhere near me.
Here are the tour dates.
His newest release has Jack Bruce on it. I haven't listened to it yet - bought it last weekend.
I saw him in '86 in DC somewhere on K Street. Everybody in the place was wasted. It was like a house party. We were standing right up front. For some reason the best song of the night for me was Benny Dancer from 'Back it Up' - probably because my girlfriend was way into it - doing the slo-mo and grinding me (those were the days). Plus he really seemed to showcase himself more on this tune than the usual suspects. The dude ain't pretty but he's got some licks.
Yes, saw him in Houston about a month ago. One of the best shows I've attended in a long, long time. He can still wail on guitar,,, the lead singer is exceptional.
You won't be disappointed in the bands performance,, promise! Wish I could find an audiophile quality "Bridge of Sighs" CD! The latest CD they are promoting on this tour w/Jack Bruce is just OK IMO.
Saw him last night....DON'T MISS HIM! He was unbelievable, had my 24 year old son with me who plays guitar and he was absolutely floored.
The two on one remaster sounds better than the MoFi CD Bornie.
Was Jack Bruce playing bass? Thgey have a CD out now called "Seven Moons".
No Jack Bruce was not in the house, but he played alot of his new album and it was very good live. Of course some nice treats from Bridge of Sighs!
Danny Gatton also went the same way as Roy. They were two of the best geetar players that I ever saw.

Happy Listening.