Does anybody know of any Robin Trower videos? And, Or, your favorite Lp/Cd/SACD etc.. I'm listening to an old boot leg live version of "Too Rolling Stoned" and would love to find another more sonically dynamic format of this song.
As you probably know, Bridge of Sighs" is the Robin Trower classic. the King Biscuit Flower Hour live Cd is not bad.
I've got the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab gold CD (UDCD 684) and it sounds excellent! Was pricey ($57 on Ebay) but was worth it as this is one of my all time faves.
I agree with the above, BOS is the classic... I got the pleasure of seeing him with Roy Buchanan warming up for him @ the Capital Theater in Passaic NJ...

A show I will never forget!
Most of his stuff has been remastered with two-on-one CDs.
I have to mention I saw Robin Tower around the time he released Bridge of Sighs, I can still feel the vibration in my chest! What a viseral experience!
I have a few Robin Trower CDs and would agree with Csericks that "Bridge of Sighs" is one of his best. The other one I like is "Twice Removed from Yesterday". He also very good on Procol Harum's "A Salty Dog".
procol's broken baricades(their guitar album) has trower at the end of his les paul era. he moved to fender when he went solo......on of the most underrated guitarists of all.
There is a Robin Trower concert DVD coming out on February 21. It's called "Living Out Of Time Live"

Ken Golden

Robin Trower Concert DVD Update

July 29, 2005

There will be a DVD sometime early next year. Robin has approved the use of a show recorded in Germany on his birthday this year as the main concert footage for the DVD, we now have to put together the extras. We'd like to feature clips from throughout the catalog. We are working to get some early BBC footage, along with other stuff from Robin's long career. There is still a great deal of work to do, but it is a virtual certainty that -- finally -- there will be a Robin Trower DVD.
From your suggestions I ordered the remasrtered double CD of "Twice Removed From Yesterday/Bridge Of Sighs" and the Live King Biscuit CD. Brand new, all for less than $20 on Amazon.

Vinylvin & Lasercd: Thanks for DVD update. That's exactly what I'm looking for. Can't wait.

It's good to see that Vinylvin & Lasercd are both Robin Trower fans. Yes, Rodney King, we can all just get along.
A couple of other offerings that Trower did I think you would enjoy are "In City Dreams" a great recording and some of the best stuff he did since "Bridge of Sighs". "Passion" another solo album that really suprised me with some consistant hooks and Guitar work. He did two albums with BLT a group consisting of Jack Bruce and vocalist Bill Lordan who I believe did the vocals on B.O.S and "For Earth Below" but Reg Isidore replaced Lordan on their second offering Truce which is a great album with Bruce handling the vocals. These three albums will not disapoint and BLT/Truce comes on a 2fer Import that can be found on Ebay. I found the sound quality of the King Bicuit flower Hour horrendous to say the least and his "live" album is recorded like crap. If you want some live Trower get "Beyond the Mist". Side two is live and recorded very well indeed and the studio songs on side one are great.
Roy Buchanan openned for Robin Trower?
Please, describe what you saw that night.
James Dewar did the vocals on B.O.S. but really some of Trower's best work is in Procol Harum. The albums A Salty Dog,Home and Broken Barricades are some of the best rock of that era. I saw Procol Harum at the Santa Monica Civic on the Broken Barricades tour and Trowers solo on Whaling Stories ripped the roof off that sucker that night. Whaling Stories is my favorite guitar work by Trower,he was in the zone that night.
I have "Live" & the KBFH CDs & I think
they sound great.
Then check out Beyond the Mist side 2. This is very well recorded and the sound quality exceptional. Yeah maybe I'm spoiled it's just I traded in my KBFH after hearing Beyond the Mist.
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