RMAF 2020 is Cancelled

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Thanks for the heads up. That's reality
As someone in Denver who is just building a system and has never been to a show, I'm really disappointed.

This is over 4 months away in a state (Colorado) that is not that badly affected (relative to, say, NY) so this indicates that second waves are fairly confidently expected. Or it could be the hotel contract deadline, as likely.

And a new one is announced for Seattle for August 2021.  Hmmm.


And RMAF IS rescheduled:
Rocky Mountain International Audio Fest
October 7-10, 2021

There are too many great companies in our area for there *not* to be an RMAF, so I hope these two 2021 conferences find a way to work in coordination.
This is over 4 months away in a state (Colorado) that is not that badly affected (relative to, say, NY) so this indicates that second waves are fairly confidently expected. 

No, it indicates the political response to propaganda has won out over the rational response to reality.
A group which has poured time and money into a show which has been going for so many years with so many stakeholders is incapable of a rational response...wow. 
I see many people in my area (upscale, assuming intelligence) driving alone with windows up wearing masks. Some out for walks alone, enjoying the weather and fresh air wearing masks. I only wear one when mandatory, on a second before entry and off a second after exit. The same lowest quality paper mask since this nonesense began. No gloves.
No surprise, but it’s a great event. I have been twice, might have gone again this year. As a 70 year old cancer-survivor, I ALWAYS wear a mask these days (Arizona). I'm no doctor, just don't want to be a victim.
Canceling a meeting takes a huge amount of advanced planning and negotiations. More work than putting on the meeting itself. That is why so many meetings are being canceled 4-6 months in advance - in addition to cancellation penalties that escalate closer to the meeting.
As one who has attended every RMAF since year one, I am saddened by the loss of this annual event. Just when they finally moved it to a better venue, sans the miles and miles of walking on bad news. 

This Covid thing is getting out of hand. It really is. So many industries are dying on the vine. To be cancelling that far out, rather than at least trying to reschedule smacks of what is going on in my state (CO). The very simple reality is, we don’t have a crazy situation like NY. As part of the entertainment industry, we are going to be dead and gone by the end of the year unless we learn to live with and work with, this Covid reality....
This is all for the positioning of the NWO. All of this is unnecessary. Stop believing the main-stream news networks.
Denialism and conspiracy theories is literally killing people. Stop it. www dot nytimes dot com/2020/05/20/us/coronavirus-distancing-deaths dot html
How do you know that information is accurate?
Miller if you lived in NYC you might have a different perspective.