Recommendations for upgrade

Hi fellow audiophiles,
I’m working on my bucket list speaker selection and having a difficult time.Currently I have the Aerial 10T’s (first version). I’m thinking of a selection between Absolute Sound considered great values Wilson Yvettes or Magico S3 Mk ll’s or maybe something else in that price range. I live in South Florida and one of the greatest problems is trying to hear more than one of any possible choice at the same time because most dealers do not carry enough brands.I mostly listen to Jazz and some classical. Any thoughts from you folks out there in the audiophile world would be greatly appreciated.
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What aspects of sound reproduction and speaker performance are most important to you, and what would you like to improve upon? Tough to make meaningful recommendations without that info. Also any info on your other components and room would be helpful as well.
I think Harbeths might be worth listening to just on the basis of a highly differentiated sound. I think the differentiation is quite positive, but YMMV. Suncoast Audio in Florida is a dealer, I think. 
Hi bobag, Yvette’s are $25,000. You might want to audition Magnepan 20.7s and Soundlabs Audiophile 545s. Both are excellent with the kind of music you like and will give you a more articulate more life sized image. The Yvette’s and S3s are both excellent loud speakers but they will give you a smaller sound stage and will never make you feel like you are in a club with John, Miles, Cannonball, Bill, Paul and Jimmy. 
If you really prefer speakers like the Wilsons and Magicos you should also audition the Sonus Faber Liliam.

Avangarde DUO HD         for Jazz 

At the Montreal Audio Fest ,   this year , they were  great

If you live in South Florida, you should visit DejaVu Audio South:

If it is anything like the parent store outside Washington, DC, it will be worth your while.
Based on your musical taste I would second a listen to the Maggie's. They do present jazz real and life like. Space and budget permitting you could even try the new 30.7
I am using Martin Logan ESL 11 A's and love them. they offer up amazing clarity in sound and sound great with any type of music
B&W 800 D3. Plays everything well and you won’t miss the bottom end from your 10T’s. If a little outside your budget look for a used pair. Definitely a speaker worth listening to on your journey.
Here’s a nice pair of Nola Baby Grand References that will be tough to beat for $25k -- original MSRP of $72k. Bucket list speakers indeed.
Thanks to all of you for your advice.

In answer to SOIX’s questions:

I would like to improve the systems resolution, soundstage, imaging and dynamics.

Room Dimensions:

23.1’ x 14.6’

Turntable, Goldman Studio

CD Player, Oppo 205

Preamp,Mark Levenson 380s
Amplifier,Mark Levenson 333 (300 watts perchannel)
You already have great speakers.  Finding better ones will cost considerable money.  I think you should audition the Maggies.  Something quite different from what you have.  I would also look into Quad ESLs and Avantegarde horns (same theme, something different).  Someone else mentioned Harbeths - they are quite astonishing if a bit "pipe and slippers."