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Dac streamer
I have one. IMO, the software/streaming capabilities are not fully ready for production. I have a few quality questions as well. My first one dies within 30 seconds of first use and the second one still has some pops and thunks when changing input... 
What Audiophiles Could Learn from Food Scientists
btw, on Harmon - I think sometimes the things the average customer likes about a customer in a quick showroom demo may be different from what makes them happy night after night at home.  Listener fatigue is a big thing IMO. 
Recommendations for upgrade
I think Harbeths might be worth listening to just on the basis of a highly differentiated sound. I think the differentiation is quite positive, but YMMV. Suncoast Audio in Florida is a dealer, I think.  
What Audiophiles Could Learn from Food Scientists
It seems like it is all or nothing in the battle between 'objectivists' and 'subjectivists".  I admire the way most of the ASR types stick to falsifiable observations (a scientific habit), and I find the independent measurements useful. However,  ... 
Cambridge Audio CD Player Has Died
CA will accept returns of broken equipment with a credit against new. I recently traded in an Azur DAC for a tidy portion of the cost of the new Edge. 
Speaker Break In...? Or listener “Break In”?
And you have to burn the cables in just right. Quantum right.https://www.thecableco.com/quantum-burning-technology-burn-in-machine.html 
Dealers and exaggerated treble
Even some speaker manufacturers over-emphasize the treble and fool the audience into thinking they are hearing extra air and detail -- but they are not; furthermore, when they get the speakers home, they find that they give them listening fatigu... 
List your System Ingredients: Listed most to least expensive, by list price or price paid
Speakers, DAC/streamer, amplifier, speaker cables, interconnects.The amp is very old (Adcom 5802)and you can by one on the used market for...well, usually a lot less than this - https://www.ebay.com/i/283365435016?chn=ps .Speakers dominate by a fa... 
Tone, Tone, Tone !
To answer the OP question, "non-fatiguing" was a huge priority for me. Read on.But first, to respond to the inner thread on Harbeths-So what I see is a bunch of speaker design "no-nos" all of which coincidentally reduce the production cost that ... 
Tone, Tone, Tone !
but please dont mistake these type of designs as accurate. For me a speaker should as much as possible reproduce what they are handed and this is not what speakers like Harbeths or Spendors for that matter actually accomplish. I agree that per... 
Whats playing on your system today?
St. Vincent.  First time with my month-old Harbeths.  I'm surprised how different it sounds.  She's doing more with the electronics than I thought.  And whoever thinks the SHL5+ can't reproduce bass is wrong. 
Dealers and exaggerated treble
I noticed sizzly treble in at least two models I auditioned.  One (Paradigm) seems to be tipped-up out of the box, per Stereophile measurements. The other I'm not sure about. The dealer's listening room had a live end (brick wall) at the speaker e... 
Harbeth Super HL5 Plus speakers & integrated amp pairing recommendations
I’ve been using an Adcom 5802 (from the 1990s) to drive my SHL5+ Anniversaries. No shortage of power. It sounds terrific. I think I saw one on ebay for $95! (yup: https://www.ebay.com/p/Adcom-GFA-5802-2-Channel-Power-Amplifier/66787188 ) Because ... 
Imaging and the first violin(s)
See/hear also the 2018 Doric Quartet versions of the Mendelssohn quartets, Chandos. 
An Audiophile is Anyone Who Loves Audio Regardless of Monetary Status. Agree?
One can be an audiophile while also being inexperienced, very attached to a controversial or unpopular opinion, or even objectively wrong. I don’t think the corner cases invalidate the definition.