Recommendations for 3rd party power supply for Chord 2qute?

I have my Bluesound Node 2i running into a Chord 2qute still on the stock wall wart. Chord cautions against indiscriminate use of 3rd party power supplies. Any safe and effective recommendations on a budget consistent with the cost of the 2qute? And derisive comments lambasting the concept that it makes a difference will be respectfully received.
You probably cannot do better than a 12V SBooster.  That being said there are many less expensive 12V LPS units available through eBay and elsewhere.  A search on the forums will get you a list of those that have been used with success.  As for "consistent with the cost of the 2qute" a good power supply might elevate it, or any comparable unit, considerably.  See what LPSs people are using with the Brooklyn DAC, for ex.

Given what Chord says though about using anything other than its own wall wart, might you have to clear a choice with Chord in advance to avoid ruining the warranty?  That seems pretty odd.
i have used a teradak lps - excellent upgrade, makes the 2qute have a blacker background and a touch cleaner on transients - very cost effective too

am sure the other good lps units like pardo, small green computer, sbooster et al will manage the same over the stock switching unit
If you are contemplating upgrading power supply maybe just upgrade to the chord qutest instead..

I had a teddy pardo power supply and preferred original power supply albeit into a SR power conditioner......

Upgraded power supply alters sound not necessarily improves it...
OK, the Teradak is in the right price range—a far cry from updating to the Qutest!—so I’ll give that a try and report back for those interested. Thanks very much for the guidance; this has been a really helpful forum.