Am I late to the Zac Brown & Jamey Johnson party?

Having recently discovered a few ‘new to me’ performers, I thought to enter them here and see of these if anyone can suggest other similarly related musicians, song writers, or bands, performing now.

Those I have run across and liked enough to buy a few of their individual CDs are Jamey Johnson “That Lonesome Song”… Zac Brown Band “The Foundation” & “You Get What You Give”… Reina Collins “Austin to Boston” & “Saltwater Soul”.

Each of these are IMHO related and separate. Gems in their own rights. All completely enjoyable and satisfying.

I’m most curious to find out other bands akin to the Zac Brown, ‘roadhouse’ genre, that are as accomplished and as tight a sound as ZBB has to offer…. ZBB is definitely on time and unquestionably professional with their sound and abilities..


Grab Johnsons The Guitar Song,great album.
the guitar song is one my 2010 favorites. if you havn,t listened to steve earl he's great too. thanks john

Previewing the Guitar Song online, I'm not a lot impressed... though it may grow on me still. Music can do that with me... hear it at first and not care a lot for it, then hear it some more and then get interested in it. Not usually but sometimes.

Some of Jamey's tunes makes me feel he's over embelishing things and 'trying to be too too country' with his phrasing.

I do like most of his lyrics though.

I like Steve Earl as well. Is his Jeursalem album his latest bestest? I have Guitar Town, and one with Del McCory..
i think his latest is townes. tribute to townes van zant, his mentor. if you like tvz it;s good. different than his rocking hardcore troubador stuff. s.e. became popular with copperhead road too. but that was a long time ago. it is really good. but i like everything he's ever done.
Jamey Johnson's Guitar Song on vinyl is a pretty impressive package--the first album is black vinyl, the middle is half black, half white, and the third LP is all white vinyl. However, the sound quality is not great, vocals distort and seems overly compressed. Haven't heard the CD version. Classic outlaw songwriting--very wry observations, good hooks, attitude, and twang. He definitely flips the bird to the Nashville establishment.
I listened to Jamey Johnson's album a few times and saw him perform on Imus twice.

There's not much going on in all honesty.

It's been done many times before.

Zacs been so overexposed its pathetic. I have albums from both and Zacs guitar playing live is something you should go see if you have a chance but his POP stardom is just too much too quick and its turning off many people (Imus included).
Johnson however is IMO the real deal and worth the price of admission, his songs for the most part have a heart and soul that is for the most part sincere and his style of country would serve us much better than the bubblegum water dilluted crap that fills the country airwaves.

OK... I'll bite... What's "imus" ??

Not Don Imus, right?

I can see the notes on the pop hype for any rising musical entity... sad, but it's what happens on the business side. Now it becomes exponential with all the web based 'look at me, follow me around' blogs and sites.

I quit listening to pop radio routinely about eight years ago. Quit following the TV & cable music celebrity shows too.

Consequently, until I run across a thread here or at one or two other spot on the web, a friend, or most often via the "other people also liked..." links, I know absolutely nothing about new or even upcoming artists.

hence my thread here...

one has to cut down on the stress, hype, commercialism, and yellow journalism so common on todays media outlets.

I quit watching the news. Check the weather online. Sports too.

If a really big rock was headed here from outer space I wouldn't know about it until after it hit us.

Ohh... and I will now quit watching the Science channel, come to think of it.
You may want to check out a band called Cross Canadian Ragweed, they are a hard rockin' country band, also Randy Rogers band is good, there are many country rock alt. bands out there that are not in the Nashville seen that are really good. Nice to see that some folks like country on this site, it does not seem to get much love around here, I am always looking for some new talent in this catagory, Kent

I've heard of CCR and for some time now too. THX for the reminder. Dialing into some of the public radio channels around the country espeically the Americana types and it's easy to find new material, artists, songs, etc. It's tedious, but easy enough.
slaid cleves, ryan bingham, gurf morlix, ray wylie hubbard and others. there is alot of really good americana artists out there. dave alvin [ of x and the blasters] is one of my favorites. ccr just announced they were off the road for a while after 10 plus years. their music is great. i just found a band named centro-matic. really good stuff. btw,,don imus has some really good artists on his show. and good authors. he's a cranky crumudgeon but that.s his act.
Imus had the Old 97's on yesterday and Hayes Carll today.

Don't understand the old guy's fascination with Hayes Carll either. Average voice. Poor lyricist. Boring.

Above and beyond that he performed a song from an upcoming album and it was a complete ripoff of Dylan's Subterranean Homesick Blues. Almost riff for riff and chord for chord.
Also, as far as the Randy Rogers Band, I just got the new cd and was not overly impressed, alot more pop and soft than there earlier work
Imus has a "aquired" taste in music IMO, his music is like Scotch.......there is no half way liking it.
Great! Thanks for all of those choices. That’ll give me something to do while I wait for the temps to get back up to fiddy or there abouts so I can finish my outside projects.

>>”he's a cranky crumudgeon but that.s his act.”<<
Like Dr John said in his duet with BB King on Dueces Wild… ‘Sometimes I wonder’.

Yep. I do agree.

There’s all sorts of reasons for the why’s and how comes of a band’s releases being so way less palatable or inspiring at times… it comes under my heading of “Who Knows?”.

Little Big Town a recent fav of mine got a new contract with Columbia and their latest release just seems so much more commercially oriented than anything they had previously released on their former lable. It comes off pop like and dry. No soul.. no honesty. Nothing that really reaches out and grabs you like their “The Road To Here” or “A place to Land” CDs did for me.

Paul Thorn is another long time fav indy rock & roller/Folkster…. Great act to see and usually more than entertaining…. His latest CDs IMHO again… doesn’t quite stand up to his past efforts impact and insightfulness… albeit a couple cuts off of it sure ain’t bad.

Oil well. Got some new names so thanks…. BTW… picked up some John Fogerty CDs the other day… not bad… along with The North Mississippi All Stars. Both were enjoyable at least… JF All Over Again & especially his “Blue Moon Swamp”…. NMA “Shake Hamds With Shorty”. There’s no escaping Fogerty’s sound. Having grown up with it, hearing him again doing new stuff feels both comfortable and interesting.
hard to beat the icon john fogerty. he was great at the super bowl or was it the college bcs bowl a few years ago? i read that he got reexcited about playing and would spend all day doing guitar exercises to tune up. this dedication at his talent level is admirable. he said in an interview that before returning to guitar he flew his plane the same way... all the time getting better. when i wrote ccr i was mentioning a band from oklahoma named cross canadian ragweed for anyone interested. great sound and a great band. check them out if you are a fan of americana rock. there is so much music i can not get to. for some others check out itunes radio under country,,,bootlicqour radio or on sirius there is outlaw country. with pandora just type in a name of an artist you like and you will get many new names. before i got flooded with new artists to check out i used imesh for a while. you can listen to almost any cd before buying it. for 8 bucks a month it saved me 100s if not 1000s of dollars. there isn,t much good to come from our celebrity culture but the musicians who are driven to succeed is a great thing.


Pandora lets you hear the whole CD? $8 @ mo?

Great idea if so... and thx for the other's listed here to feret out more music with

... much appreciation.
i use pandora for free to stream a genre i like.. on imesh for 8 dollars a month or a few more for premium you can download the whole cd or a song. millions of em. every once in a while find something that is not available. if you buy then you keep it and can put it on a ipod etc or disc. i just rent the use tho. as long as you keep current with the 8 bucks you can play anything you chose. when signing up look around and see if you can unchoose the social experience part so the annoying pop up won,t tell you there are annoying friends out there. this aspect is worthless but this started as a peer to peer deal before they went legit and is still part of their deal. sound quality is below 200kbs so it is not for the best sq needs. but to preview new things and see if it is worth buying imesh is a good tool.
I recently picked up jamey johnsons Guitar Songs from the library. I may be in the minority here but it sounds wonderful on my system. Rich, warm and a very punchy bass. Am i the only one who feels this way?
sounds great on mine too.