Party At Albertporter s

A recent thread mentioned the idea of auditioning various members systems to see if we're on the right track. I volunteer Albert since he spent the most. And since I spent least, I'll do the dishes. Care for a canape?
I'll get the Kegs. Domestic ok? Albert, how big is your back yard? We may need a tent. Who's gettin' the go-go girls?
Got plenty bolonga;lots of "cheese paper" running low on Ripple;hurry, but you are welcome,here. My daughter wipes her feet as she's leaving;you may want to do likewise.Hey,everybody knows it's all about the music....../Atmosphere is optional.
I bet Albert's eyes grew big as oranges when he saw this one : ) I think that the only time that he wouldn't laugh about it is when people started showing up at his door : ) Sean
Albert, how about some directions to your house?
Count me in!! I'm a "bachelor" for FOUR days. When and where?
Come on Albert. We want to hear what 14 dedicated lines sound like.
Hey, I just saw this, and did not realize I had company coming. I really need to vacuum the rug before everyone sees the crumbs from breakfast.

Here is a starter list of items that we're going to need :

Software: Any that sounds good, preferably LP, but I can spin CD and SACD too (no cassettes please).
Chairs: Yep, if all of you are really coming, I don't have enough seating.
Glasses: A few extra plates and dinnerware too, we have setting for eight or ten, add accordingly.
Cones: No, not for under the gear! The bright yellow ones for the street, not enough room in my drive.

If someone is really bringing a keg, we might need a Porta Potty, or is that a Porter Potty in this case? Looks like the list might need to be added to as we get closer to D day (demo day).
Cones? I had hoped they were ice cream cones! I promise not to drip on the LPs.
Albert; I'll bring 100-150 country/western CDs ;>) Cheers Craig

Ok if I bring some turn of the century 78's? They're wierd, but what party fun!!

Albert We have all been waiting for this inevitable event to take place and Kitch, a thanks to you for bringing it all together. I'll bring the Samba for the go-go girls to dance to. Oh btw, Albert do you think Mrs. Porter is going to mind too much?
Will someone please email me a map!
I'll let Elvis know about the party, just in case.
Are any Canadians invited?
Patti won't mind, you may have to bring some wine as a welcome gift, she is definitely not a beer drinker.

If Elvis does show up, I will play him the Classic Reissue of his material and he can sing along. That way we will really know how the system stands up against the original. If upon his arrival, we find he really has been abducted by aliens, we may need all of you to park down the street, so the flying saucer will have a spot to set down.

On Canadians, yes they are invited, and requested to bring some Canadian Whiskey with them. If you know any Scots, invite them along and advise them to bring some of their single malt with them.

On the 78's, I would really love to hear them, I do not know if the Walker motor controller will speed my 45 RPM setting up enough to make them right. If we listen after we finish all the booze, we will probably think it sounds great anyway.
Albert: If you hang awhile on the party, I will be eligible for the Govm't Cheese in three months and can supply all the cholesterol. Do I have to wear my teeth?
Is bruce coming?

I think I can stir up a few hundred go-go girls with out much trouble, for those who have been following my career. Just let me know when and where. Tim the porno guy.
You folks are all great, especially Albert !!! I had a grin from ear to ear while reading these... Sean
I'm laughing so hard I can't hardly tipe.
Hi Albert,
could I go to the party? I'll cook for you "pasta" and every kind of fishes, bring some bottles of Italian wine too...
From Italy.
If everyone pools their frequent flyer miles perhaps we can hire our own jet. I'll invite the Rockettes, just in case.
Hey Albert, mind if I cook burgers on your amps or should i bring a grill?
Pops, cooking on amps is messy, the oils remove the Telefunken logos on the glass, and reduce the value of the tubes. Wouldn't your wife be jealous if you brought a little grill to the party? What would everyone think about the differences in your ages?
Garfish, I just realized I did not respond to your kind offer of 150 Country Western CD's. Steve McCormack has installed a C&W filter on my system, so when those are played, there is no sound. Sometimes early Linda Ronstadt music (Heart Like a Wheel) will make it past the filter, and of course Patsy Cline's talent is unaffected by this technical marvel .

Here is a guide, any song where the hero sings something like "You Broke My Heart, So I Broke Your Jaw," never makes it to the output stage,.......... sorry.
I've heard of those filters and hear they are very good.
Kitch, Albert; this thread is great, and fortunately, I do have nice collections of Linda Ronstadt (early) and Patsy Kline. I especially liked Pops request to cook burgers on your amps ;>). Cheers. Craig.
Albert, where can I get one of those C&W filters?
Will it let Hank Williams pass through?
Steve McCormack was the only person I ever knew that had any of these, and I am not certain if he has used them all up by now. He lives in California, but had friends like me in Texas, so that put a lot of pressure on his supply.

The last time I played the sound track from "The Last Picture Show," the Hank Williams material went through just fine.
Hey Garfish, seems like Albert might be a little uptight about his things, he'll probably spend most of his time sliding coasters under our cold beverages - see if you can loosen him up...Jerry
What follows is my one piece of serious input, to this otherwise not so serious group of postings.

If any of you happen to be traveling to Texas, and want to stop by for a listen, contact me through the Audiogon e-mail server before hand, and we will work out a schedule. I have already met six people through Audiogon, and all of them have visited me for dinner and music. Three of these people are now either regular or semi regular visitors for our Tuesday night sessions. This forum has been good for me personally due to the exchange of ideas. Even more important, I have made friends and shared music with like minded audio people. Thanks to Kitch 29 for the idea of a party at my home, it was a total surprise.
I knew when I started this thread that Albert had to be a generous guy. Can I do any less? If your airplane has mechanical trouble and you have to put down in central Ohio (god forbid) rest assured that my door is open to all. (The lock is broken) Not only will you have an opportunity to hear the finest sound reproduction that $1900 can buy, I also have the very first GE digital clock radio, you know, the flat one with the numeric keypad? AM AND FM and very tubey sounding. And, as Avguy wrote, there's a welcome mat so you can wipe your feet on the way out. Good one, Avguy.
albert,look for carl and myself to show up also.can you provide us with a couple body guards?
Very good sense of humor David99. Your comment made me laugh aloud. Of course, Carl and you could take further (fun) by wearing famous character costumes. I'd suggest a Blues Brothers or Men in Black look. Adding a sacred topic like "Diamond x3 Cables Are The Best" (BTW: nice review, Carl) label on your backs or carrying water rifles an appropriate righteous flavor. Any how, your funny comment continued this thread's humor.
Texas? By the time I get there (from Toronto) the stylus will be worn out. Better plan on having 'bout a WEEK LONG party, Albert!
Stereokarter, how about bringing along some Canadian Bacon for the burgers?
AP, we'll be bring down a SIDE of Canadian bacon for y'all! And that will come with some of our excellent "Upper Canada" dark ale. Now between that and the rest of the posters, we should be able to scare up a pretty good scoff! Visited Longview and Houston a while back...should be no problem finding your state...I'm a big Townes Van Zandt fan!
Stereokarter: Can you bring Margo Timmins with you?
Wirehead, I will email your request to Margo to-day...they are from right here in Toronto...there's a bit of a waiting list for these kinds of trips, I must warn you....Margo might be quite a bit older by the time we get to Albert's. 'Could try for Joni, definitely won't be k.d. lang!
Joni lives in my neighbourhood so I'll ask her. We need somebody from Alberta to go over to kd's. Nobody tell Celine.
Sorry wirehead but Margo's coming to my house this weekend for a little private showing, er I mean show.
Sssssshhhh! Everyone is bombed out and sleeping...on the floor, the Roomtunes are being doubled as mattresses and pillows, and Detlof has his back to the wall, as usual. Albert is repeating over and over, "those damn Canadians and their bacon!"
as Carl and David99 are hog tied and having Last Record Preservative being slowly dripped into their eyes by cornefedboy.The screams are deafening.
Albert had lied about providing body guards for them.
I just had a nightmare that as Carl & David99 are hog-tied, Cornfedboy had Klipsch horn tweeters placed next to Carl's ears, blasting a prose reading of "Diamond x3" thread into Carl's ears! Thank goodness I woke up before anything more banal happened!!
Cool! Who's asleep between the sofa and "The Wall" only to be discovered days later?
Dekay, "The Wall" was by Pink Floyd. So, who could be asleep between the sofa and Roger Waters?

Could it be the hairy beast from the cover of "Amused to Death"? If so, will someone please remove the bonds from Carl and David 99 before he sees them lying helplessly on the floor?
A.P. swing over to the thread "Arthur Salvatore WoW" for the latest on "Swingtime in Texas" BTW, when the jig is up down south, we partay pretty good up here during the winter months. Bring the steaks, we already have the Maple Syrup.