Any Music Server/Streamer allow install 3rd party streaming app?

Hi. I listen mostly to Chinese songs and i have a Hi-Res music app installed in my laptop and iphone. I wonder if there is any music server / streamers in the market will allow me to install my own streaming app instead of using the default Tidal, Pandora, Amazon...etc?

If above is not possible, can you recommend a decently great brand and model of Music Server that has DAC, WiFi Streaming and Airplay capability. Thank you.
I  am getting the Bluesound node for wifi streaming from my pc's

Have you looked at Jplay? I think it may do what you are looking for.
Also, look at Fidelizer and Foobar, they optimize audio playback in a pc. I only just found out about them recently, and the difference in sound quality was amazing.
JPLAY supports Tidal via BubbleDS app on Android at the moment - one can browse through Tidal library on a smartphone/tablet and playback is done on a PC connected to a USB DAC. 

Another option is to use JPLAY on top of tidal official client directly on PC via ASIO Bridge. 

Cambridge Audio Azur 851N should be on your list. Very nice DAC and a streamer with AirPlay capabilities.