Power cord recommendation for DAC

I'm temporarily using Shanyata Venom 3 over the stock PC of my DAC. Heard significant improvement. But would like a better source PC than Venom 3. Any recommendation? Budget is $200-300.
I would recommend the JPS Labs Digital AC-X. Its a little more than what you want to spend but I feel its worth it.
You might get a Sablon Audio PC on AGon for that price. Mark is a boutqiue designer so price/performance is great because there are no middle men. I have compared with PAD Dominus (which I also own)...and felt his cables were very very competitive.
Yes, consider the Shunyata VTX on sale for $295.Normally $500. You can get one from Galen Carol Audio. I also had the Venom 3 on my DAC and bought this one and it is so much better. You won't regret it. Has a long break in period though but well worth it in the end.
I second moving up the Shunyata line. You might find a used Black Mamba CX for just a few dollars above your range. The CX line LOVES DACs.
At $295 this places the Sidewinder VTX at the same price as Triode Wire Labs 10 plus.

Any comparisons of the two?
Try the Von Schweikert Master Built Purple Line. This is the entry level into the line but they do a wonderful job.
Thank you all for the suggestions. I will make a list and do research on every single one of them.

How about Grover Huffman? Has anyone have any experience with his PC?
Seems like your price range is right in the wheelhouse of the top offerings from direct marketers such as Morrow, Mg Audio, Triode Wire Labs, My Audio Cables (MAC), and Sablon as referenced above. If it were me, these guys probably all offer generous trial periods and probably compete with the major brands at 2x to 3x the cost, so why not have fun and try a bunch? Best of luck.
Hi Soix, never thought of it that way. I always figured I just get a well-reviewed one and only return if I don't like it. Having 3-4 PC at the same time to play around sounds pretty fun. :)
Yeah, and as we all know these cables are so system and listener dependent you really need to try at least a few to see what works specifically for you. Reviews are somewhat helpful for certain components, but especially with cables they really need to be taken with a large grain of salt imo. I think this is why these manufacture-direct types are so helpful particularly in the cable realm where shipping costs are relatively low and value-added high. Anyway, I'd be interested to hear about anything you try as I'm also in the PC market.
JFYI Soix, I just recently bought Metrum Octave dac to replace Electrocompaniet ECD-1 (old but still in production). A pity though that I didn't have them both at the same time. Once I ordered Octave, I posted an ad here on A'gon out of boredom and it was sold 1 day later. lol But from memory, Octave (currently at 125 hour burn-in mark) with Venom3 PC is better. Somehow I didn't hear any significant difference on ECD-1 with or without Venom3.
The rest of my gears are Pass XP-10 pre, XA30.5 amp and Focal Electra. I use AppleTV (not ideal of course but I can't live without its interface for my all-in-one system) + Empirical Audio Synchro-mesh reclocker as transport. My music mostly consists of CD ripped 16/44.1 and iTunes lossless materials.

As for cables, my speaker cables are standard 12-gauge Tributaries ones (which are to be replaced with Grover Huffman, still waiting). ICs are all Nordost Heimdall XLR and single ended. Digital RCA is Grover Huffman.
I would also add Triode Wire Labs to your list of possibilities. There's a review out there and many comments here on Audiogon. Pete of Triode Wire offers a money back audition period. Great bang for buck cords!

By all means audition cords, but I offer one note of caution. Power cords take a few hours if not a day to settle once they've been moved around. They also take a while to burn in when new. Based upon personal experience, quick a/b comparisons don't usually lead to accurate results, IMHO. For example, one cord might wow you with initial sparkle or accentuation of something you like but fail to be musical over the long haul.
visit their website, great cords for the buck
I have finished auditioning the Cabledyne power cord mentioned in this forum and it is quite exceptional. Worthy of your consideration if you are still looking.
Thank you guys for all the suggestions. I think I ought to make a list to try at least 3-4 PC. Today, I ordered a Grover Huffman demo Zx unit. :) Grover is recommended by Steve Hoffman in his forum.
Hey man, what was your impressions on those cables?
I have a Metrum Octave that is fed by Empirical OR5/CAPS server. The rest of the system consist of a Thor pre, Pass amp with a mix of acoustic revive interconnects, E.S.P.pcs and MAC Shotgun speaker cables. Recently, I have been switching between Synergistic t2, Triode Wire 10+ and a Electraglide SOTU on the Octave which is very susceptible to pcs. IMO, the SOTU seem to provide excellent synergy with the Octave but others could easily say the same about the 10+ as well, since both have different strengths. As suggested above, best to try a few see what you like.

BTW, Vhiner comments above is right on - give any change a day or two to settle in before any judgment.
The Taralabs cabolt power cord!, cheers!
I'm now using HiDiamond HD3 powercord. Very nice PC!
How did the HD3 compare w/the Grover?
My Furutech's never cease to amaze me - they keep up with all of my other latest upgrades :-)