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C-Marc power cable
I'm using a pair of C-Mark power cords, one on a Pass X250.8 amp, the other on a Pass XP22 preamp. My system has never had such a black background, dead silent. I also switched my speaker cables from High Fidelity Ultimate Reference to the LessLos... 
Phono Pre Upgrade from Parasound JC-3?
Pass Labs XP-17 or if you can the Pass XP-27 
Most annoying song, period.
Ricky don't lose that number. 
I need some turntable guidance
OriginTable & arm.  
Conrad Johnson Premier 140 fuse is blown
The first tube I would look at would be the rectifier tube if your amp has one. 
What equipment upgrades or tweaks will improve the sound of drums?
Look into the LessLoss line of cables especially their LessLoss C-Marc power cord . I hooked the Power cord up to my Pass X250.8 which in turn lowered the noise floor significantly but also has that" Live" factor in spades. 
Why are there no Reviews of the Pass Labs XP-22. Is there anyone with strong feelings?
Tricon_Dave, there are a few pieces I want at the moment so the 260.8 will have to wait but thanks for putting them on my radar. My digital components are top notch but I'm lusting over the Marantz SA10 for some reason. To many wish list dreams. 
Why are there no Reviews of the Pass Labs XP-22. Is there anyone with strong feelings?
Had the HPA-1 for almost a year then moved up the chain to the XP12 for 7 or 8 months then upgraded to the XP22 and couldn't be happier. Running the XP17 phono at the moment but would love to get the XP27 if funds permit. Amp is a X250.8 so the sy... 
Professional Turntable Setup ( Chicago area NW suburbs )
I was trying to be helpful to those who maybe aren't experts in this area of turntable setup. Wasn't trying to call you out stringreen, was just proclaiming Brian's expertise.  Although I consider myself more than your average audio lover, at 65 y... 
Increasing gain for your vinyl front end when pre-amp doesn't quite have enough juice
You could also look into the Omega loudspeakers, very efficient, look great, sound better, & Louis is a great guy to deal with.  
Professional Turntable Setup ( Chicago area NW suburbs )
He has been setting up tables now for 10 years. Stringreen, when you check , can you check to see your crosstalk between channels, frequencies while running test records supplied by Dr, Feickert . The software program does so much more. I'd almost... 
Professional Turntable Setup ( Chicago area NW suburbs )
jbhiiler, visit his website as there is a phone number there also.  
What equipment have you bought this year so far ?
Pass Labs XP22 preampPass Labs XP17 phono preampAudioquest Colorado IC'sHoping to get Marantz SA-10 in the near futurealthough a bit worried that the Modified DAC I own nowmight be better than the DAC used in SA-10 
AT ART9 cart going into a Pass XP17
Thanks guys,  I just received the XP17 yesterday so I've been using at 66dB of gain and 100 ohms to start, I will try loading at 200 then 500 tomorrow.  I can only set at 56dB,66dB or 76dB of gain. My old MiniMax phono was between 56-58dB and that... 
Looking for a pre-amp (Pass, ARC, BAT, Sim, PS Audio)
I have the X250.8 myself and just traded in my XP12 for the XP22 and while I was at it ordered the XP17 Phono. jmarshak, brilliant minds think alike. LOL