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Power Cord & SPDIF Coaxial Recommendations For Audiomeca Mephisto CD Transport
Thanks guys.I ended up using what I had on my previous transport - Aural Symphonics Echelon Digital SPDIF and Cardas Clear Beyond Power.They sounded a bit edgy at first when i tried them on the Mephisto but sound fine now. I guess it was probably ... 
Replacement Remote Control For Cary SLP 05 Preamp
Thanks to everyone who posted suggestions.I opened the remote, cleaned the contact points on the circuit board and the underside of the buttons with some rubbing alcohol.Everything works smoothly now.That saved me $125.I will still get a cheap lea... 
Pass Labs x250.8 vs tube amps
I think @ebm is right.I use a X350.8 and I believe your X250.8 is warmer sounding. I don't think it will ever be the same as a tube power amp.I like a warm and full midrange and don't think any solid state power amp will ever give me that close en... 
Using a Krell 200s with Revel f228be good choice
A bit bright I would think 
Denafrips Avatar looks the goods
@georgehifi When is the Schiit one coming out?These are the old Theta people. They surely know how to make a good transport. 
Denafrips Avatar looks the goods
I was looking to get one but then the repricing puts it out of my budget.I'll look for one of the old rated transports of yesteryear. They knew how to make CD transports back then. 
MIT Matrix rev 60 speaker cables. Has anyone listened to them?
@hiendmmoe I am using them on Vienna Acoustics The Kiss speakers. The rest of my cables - interconnects and power cords - are Cardas.They match quite well with the MIT's.The box is quite large so if you wish to return them, the shipping may cost s... 
MIT Matrix rev 60 speaker cables. Has anyone listened to them?
Like @keithtexas I have Matrix HD60 speaker cables too.It would be interesting to hear if the Rev 2’s are a large improvement on these.Looking at the ads, they look similar down to the network boxes. I think MIT themselves stock EVO and 2C3D in th... 
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
@ghasley I didn't even know Nils Lofgren's "Keith Don't Go" was a hi fi test tune until you blokes mentioned it here. Perhaps you would prefer the version from his self titled album. That certainly will never qualify as a hi fi test tune. 
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
@viber6 are you referring to Nils Lofgren's "Keith Don't Go" from the Acoustic Live album? 
Jeff Rowland Continuum S2 vs Mark Levinson 585.5
Based on auditioning the JRDG 625 S2 and the ML 532 in my system as an indication, I would go with the ML.This is of course if the above stereo amp equivalents are good proxies for their respective integrated amps. 
Warm/Forgiving AES/EBU digital cable less then $1000
@denman which Cardas cable is this? Clear or the older Lightning 15? 
Rectifier For Cary SLP 05
Just an update so other folk will know for the future. Cary says it is electrically the same but will not fit because of the size.Also, they don't recommend a directly heated rectifier 5R4 or 5U4 on the SLP-05. " Use indirectly heated tubes like ... 
Rectifier For Cary SLP 05
Is Dan Wemmer still at Cary?No reply as yet and it is way after the weekend. 
Rectifier For Cary SLP 05
@testpilot here's hoping it does last forever.@rodman99999 how do the Phillips GZ34's sound vis-a-vis the Mullard?@tvad I am checking with Cary on both the Brimar and the Mullard GZ37 nut as it is the weekend I thought I may get a quicker response...