Power conditioners under $1000?

Decware vs AQ Niagra vs Furman Elite vs older generation PS Audio Re-generators - has anyone done a/b comparisons they care to share?  Anything missing form the list?  
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Check out the High Fidelity MC-0.5. B-stock pricing, if available, is under $180. It's passive, in that it's a stand alone product and does not limit current in any manner but somehow, tames the nasties in your AC.

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erik_squires - thanks, I came across your post/link on another thread and found it very informative, I think I understand why you recommend the Furman products, and in absence of more info am leaning toward their elite line based on what I've read, but I know some have high praise for some of the other products out there, hence the post -  curious if anyone had actually done a/b listening tests to compare some of these products?

nonoise, thanks for adding to the list!
I personally cannot recommend ol PS Audio . I had a Premier Power Plant which was some 8 years old when I sent it back for repairs. They basically gutted it and returned (very generous cost at the time) but I still had issues. Hopefully the newer PCs last a lot longer

What to buy? Check out CorePower Tech. I have been using them for about a year now
Like tweak1 I had a Power Plant Premier.  A very buggie product.  It's collecting dust in my garage.
I don't have experience with other brands, but I highly recommend you look into a used Audience AR6.  They are great bargains on the used market, IMO.  I'm sure you won't be able to pick up an AR6t (teflon) within your price range, but even the standard ones are very, very good units.  Plus, Audience has first rate customer service and upgrade paths if you so desire.  
I had a PS Audio power plant back when they first came out and ended up selling it.It was fun trying the different settings but didn't clean up the power any better than the $99.00 Panamax I had.I still use the Panamax and a Tripplite unit.Two not very exciting brands,but they do the job:-)
Wow, thanks guys, I have both narrowed and broadened my list!
Decware ZLC hands down.  Eviscerated my Furman Elite 15i which is not bad.  Under 1K and Steve Deckert is a great engineer.  This did everything right.