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Im fairly new to the hifi world but im confused about something.My local hifi dealer advised me not to use a power conditioner/surge protector unit(monster,panamax,etc)to plug my gear into,instead to just use a power strip. is this correct??One other question i have-if one does use on of the previous mentioned devices is it beneficial to upgrade the stock power cables??Any help would be appreciated,thank you.
Plug your amps direct in the wall. Use a power conditioner for CD players, processors, turntables, dacs etc. BPT and Shunyata are a good place to start. Avoid any kind of cheap power strips like monster and panamax. Power cords will make a difference YMMV. Play with cables and power cords them after you have had your system for a while. There are endless discussions on this topic.

what are the other components in your system?
where are you located?
Read this article and then tell my NONE of the big-buck audio power cables use aluminum wire?


I think this guy is full of beans, what say you?

I plug my Rotel amp directly in the wall outlet and the rest of my equipment is plugged into a Rotel RLC 900. Another system uses an APC H10 power surge, noise suppresion AND voltage regulation. For around $200 new this is a very nice unit. As far as power cords they do make a difference. I personally make my own but once bought a Signal Cable power cord which uses shielded Belden wire. Very nicely done and extremely reasonable in price. (Very stiff wire though.) Don't go overboard w/power cords IMO.
I agree with the others; the amp should not be plugged into a conditioner; many owners manuals will say this. The other components should be plugged into a power conditioner or RF/EMI filter with surge protection.
A lot of info in the archives on power conditioners; some filter the AC, some regenerate clean power to the system.
As I said in other thread, it's a good idea to have your rig hooked up to it's own dedicated line and breaker.
As for PCs, most stock cables should be upgraded even if not using conditioning, but you need to find the right cable for your setup.
i would have to agree...
I use a Furman REF20i for all my analog stuff including my Bryston 4B-SST2 amp.
I use my PS Audio P600 for the digital stuff.
My power conditioners use aftermarket powercords.
The Furman uses a Pangea AC9SE and sounds better for it. The PS-Audio sounds best with just the regular Pangea AC9.
Opinions are free, and not worth too much except as general guidelines. To know what really is best for one's system, you have to experiment for yourself.
Somebody elses theory is worth squat compared to hearing it for yourself.
I agree with the above comments and will add that I recently bought a Blue Circle Thingee (its a power condition) and Shunyata's Venom 3 cord, and it does the job with great results.
++ 1 on the Venom 3 for the biggest bang for buck. A used Shunyata Hydra conditioner for my front end was one of the best audio decisions I ever made once I had the speakers I wanted.
Jafant-i have 2 nad c272 power amps,arcam avp 700 for my pre and a cambridge audio azur 651 cd player.
Jafant-im located in northwestern Pennsylvania
Jafant i forgot to mention one other component-im using paradigm studio 60s v.4-the nad's seem to be a good match for the paradigms,again im a novice in this hobby but to me it sounds pretty darn good.
I would be careful of power strips. My buddy thought he had a power tube problem in his preamp. It turned out he had his preamp plugged into a power strip which was doing bad things. I moved the plug to the wall and all was fixed. So you need to listen for yourself to decide whether you should use a power strip or not.
On the subject of power strips, don't use the plastic strips being sold to plug your computer or accessories into. Use a professional pwr strip made of steel like guitarists use on stage. Furman makes one with heavy gauge PC.
I have my integrated amp plugged directly into the wall and used to have everything else plugged into a Brick Wall surge protector. When I tried going directly to the wall with my CDP, the sound improved (dynamics, detail, air, etc.) noticeably.

I was always under the impression that since the CDP didn't draw that much (or as much compared to an amp) that it wouldn't be constricted as much as it was.

I would have to respectfully disagree with some of the above posts. Keep as much as your audio gear as possible plugged directly into the wall. If you have to use a power strip, make sure it's a good one. Good, as in only an extension of the wall outlet and nothing more.

All the best,
Hi,running a dedicated line for each receptical and its own shortest ground possible and dedicated breaker works wonders for sound,for all systems!,one componet for each receptical works best,then I would experiment with a/c power cord brands at auditions at a dealership with my componet with me,or rent the cable and buy what suits your liking for that particular componet,however,I do agree,run amps directly to wall!Happy listening!
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Very nice! cwby8115

the Paradigm and NAD are sonic matches for each other.
Plug the Power Amp into the wall for best effect.
If I were you I would plug in everything into the power conditioner because if you get a surge you can say goodbye to your power amp and your reciever. I have all my gear plugged into a monster htps 7000 with a monster avs 2000 voltage stabilizer and all my components are all protected. I wouldn't take chances if I were you. That's my opinion.
@jafant : "Plug the Power Amp into the wall for best effect."

The Stereophile review of your RGPC quotes Richard Gray, "To our knowledge, [the 400S] is the only device that provides high current on demand without limiting the dynamics of any amplifier, regardless of power rating or design!"

Is this not true?


Read more at http://www.stereophile.com/powerlineaccessories/255/index.html#ZUib0Av70HBFpqO1.99
Marketing jibberish...
These products are excellent for other gear in one's system. Plug the power amp into wall for best effect.

Buddy, I find it more than ironic that someone without an amp is instructing others on how to plug theirs in. Sorry, but damn..


I plug my Agostino stereo amp into a top of the line Audience conditioner with zero ill effects but great sound and protection. I've seen many posts of other folks doing the same thing.