Experience with Inakustik 3500P Power Conditioner??

I'm looking at obtaining a power conditioner and had my sights set on an Akiko Corelli when an Inakustik 3500P got my attention.  I have found only one reference to the 3500P on Agon while there is some notable props on the Corelli here.  

Thanks for any experience you might be willing to share.
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I just ordered one; pending shipping. I’ll report back after I’ve had a chance to experience. 
Can I ask what convinced you to go with this unit?
Mainly, the non-current limiting and parallel filtering that’s not in the signal path, plus all outlets are individually isolated from each other. I wanted a unit I could plug everything into (less noise/minimize ground loops). It’s a fairly new product and I searched quite a bit to find all info/feedback. Translated the few stellar reviews. Contacted Inakustik sales with a few questions and within 24hrs I got a response from the head of product development. I should have it up and running in about 10 days. Hopefully the stars have aligned and we’re about to watch the seas part...
Good luck in your testing.  I'm curious to hear your opinion. 

This would be a big step for me.  I'm looking to insert a conditioning component, if that is the correct terminology for this component, into my system and then sit back for a while and enjoy the music.  I've made some big strides with my system recently and this should be the last one for a while.  
3500p arrived today. I rerouted my system wiring before powering up. Very impressive right out of the box! Substantial improvements in all areas. Considering the suggested burn in time of 100 hours, it will be interesting in the days ahead as the system settles and the 3500p develops further.
Had an electrician install a dedicated 20 amp circuit (10awg) with the full Furutech NCF suite today. VH Audio has a killer package deal with the top outlet, wall plate, and cover. Anyways, another leap in performance (significantly lower noise floor), but increased burn time. I may have 28hrs on the 3500p, but only 2-3hrs on the new outlet so far.
Another reason I wanted the 3500p was due to the ability to plug everything into one unit, hence the single 20 amp dedicated circuit. Really digging the 3500p
Trigg I’ve just logged in and responded to your PM ,.

Mike I also use the Inakustik 3500 reference which replaced the Corilli passive conditioner . The Inakustik is by far the best conditioner I’ve owned so far .   

Trigg VH audio + “1” 
Agreed, as to qualities of the Inakustik Referenz AC-3500P.
It’s better than any conditioner I’ve used before, including PS Audio’s PP, Furman Symmetrically Balanced Conditioners, ExactPower conditioners and others. Blacker, more silent backgrounds without noise, grunge, RFI or EMI. Utterly transformed my system by elevating SQ to a higher level. Clean power matters if one wants the highest level of SNR in SQ. And this baby delivers in spades. 
I have never before heard of Inakustic. I was debating between getting a Shunyata or the new MIT power bar. But now I might have to look into this bad boy. 
jbags, my advice is to get one of these puppies. 30 day return policy. Word on the street is that nobody returns it after purchase and end up selling their uber-expensive conditioners. 

Dark horses:

Isotek Sigmas Evo3

Lab12 Gordian

Inakusti 3500

(never look a gift horse in the mouth)

Hi,We have been reading this forum and I thought I would show you an email we received from a very high end store in Quebec Canada.

Bob just a quick email on our testing of the Inakustik 3500P. How to improve a 350K system by 20% for peanuts?

Originally I thought, as all those exposed to my system, that little could be improved. Power line is dedicated and a 2500VA Industrial isolation transformer taking care of line filtering. More it is feed by 240 V and 2 x 120V line are additionally cleaned by common mode phase cancelling. I had tried 14 other respected, very expensive conditioners and the big transformers have stayed in my system for many years. I was skeptical about the little improvement I could possibly see by moving from transformers to the new Inakustik 3500P and so I did use my usual comparison method to be sure I do not fool myself. The testing was done over a 1 month period.

Shocked is the best word because the sound is totally transformed with the 3500P in place. Like a big veil was removed and dynamics took an unexpected jump and I do mean a huge jump in the dynamics. I had to go through all my reference cuts and in each song I found more instruments, more voices, more space, more live sound. The Kef blades are disappearing act champions but with the Inakustik 35000P in place, they vanish completely. The best thing I can say about the 3500P is, just buy one.

Normally to improve the sound on a reference system, heavy investments are mandatory. If $3500 USD improved my sound by 20% (other experience listener say more ) yes it looks like peanuts to me and an absolute steal. Highly recommend!!!

Francois Lemay


As an owner of a Corelli as well as a 3500P I would say both are essential components with the 3500 taking a higher position in a systems hierarchy.

As a veteran owner of more conditioning products than I care to mention these two do have one thing in common.  No downside , all upside in terms of system enjoyment.

These just plain improve everything.   I would suggest the 3500P first though.   Probably the best component I’ve owned in 40 plus years in this hobby.
I have owned several power filters before owning 3500P in Dec 2018. My previous filters includes Nordost QRT QB8 MK2, Audio Sensibility Special Edition with their signature silver internal wirings, and some others over the past 10 years. They are respectable brands, good products that improve one way or another. But to improve in all Hifi parameters out of the box, only 3500P. It has 20A inlet, so the design was meant for handling high current, individual outlets are separated and even comes with a flap cover to close if the outlet is not used. My first impression was, it was a industrial type power filter over engineered for home use. My previous power filters were good in one way or another, leaving room for improvement however worrying what the next one will take away from the existing improvements already made.

Not for 3500P. It improves everything out of box, especially low level details, dynamics, transparency and soundstage...as it was burning in, bass which was already better out of box, continued to improve. Overall, it was like a light has turned on in a dimmed room that you can now see clearly every corner. I’m a digital person so my concern was how to or will it improve my OPPO player and Marantz SACD, I could hear more details and presentation that I never thought it to be that way which was more perfect or accurate and musical.

I’m happy with my purchase of 3500P and this is my last power filter.

Jimmy, maybe not your “last power filter;” maybe you need another 3500P. Lol

I’m certainly considering getting another AC-3500P.
I would also like to flip my coin and put my two cents into this subject.

My purchase of the Inakustik 3500p was very overwhelming compared to my history of these conditioners. 

PS Audio Quintescance.
Synergistic Research Powercell 10SE. 
Audience Adept Response aR6TSSD.
Core Power Equi-Core 150/300’s.
Hidiamond HDX1 passive conditioner. 
Akiko Correli. 

All the conditioners did something in a positive/negative way but always had a sacrificial effect in the end. Kind of a two steps forward, three steps back. Or sometimes four steps back. 

Then the Inakustik 3500p rang my doorbell. Boy was I excited after reading/hearing about this piece. 

After initial install this thing just transformed my system to a level I’ve never heard(even with factory power cord) before. It was like basically putting all those conditioners in a mixer (X 100) and taking out all the negatives. Even watching regular satellite the amount of information I’m hearing now is so dramatic. I’m hearing things all around the room I never heard before. My 3 dogs start to bark at the stairs to my right behind me hearing noises from just movies on digital cable. It’s crazy. Kinda annoying but anyhow, you get the idea. It’s so interesting playing my 1000’s of music files over and over again and hearing them differently to say they are not that same song. Again, it’s just crazy.

Oh...and for movies...I will suggest that any movie buff will swear they were in an imax theatre - with well equipped components of course. One word comes to mind - STUNNING!!!

This Inakustik 3500p conditioner at roughly 150 hours has increased my systems performance by at least 20-25% out of the box to now. I’ve been told it progresses more up to 500 hours. Wow. And....I’m awaiting my Inakustik power cord re-terminated with a Furutech 20amp connector. Can’t wait to hear this......

This Inakustik 3500p will stay in my system.....everyone should do the same.........CHEERS!!!


Interesting thread. Is there a US dealer for the Inakustik 3500? Jeff
Yes. Bob at Worldwidewholesales.com.

Bob is the US Distributor. But he can certainly direct one to the US dealer in one’s area. The Inakustik website has some of the US dealers posted there.
Can you guys offer some ways to test (without expensive equipment) these claims of lower noise floor etc?

Are you just cranking the volume and sticking your ear near the tweeter?  

How are you judging "blacker backgrounds" when there has to be 10-30 mins between listening sessions as you rewire your whole system?  Can't really A/B this mod.

@nonoise ha I know.  I've seen all the debates about whether this is snake oil, but now I'm just asking for practical ways to really hear the difference since so many people are SO very sure there's a positive difference.  

Less hiss in the tweeter?  

Are they providing a larger power reserve from which the amp to pull from?  

But surely there's some objective evidence to show what these things are doing.  


Use google translate with the above link. They compared the Inakustik with IsoTek and Naim power conditioner. Interesting read.
I wonder how it would compare to the Audioquest Niagara 7000?

This an update in regards to the above thread on 03/06/19. 

Upon inserting the Inakustik power cord with the Furutech 20 amp female connector from the factory power cable difference was night and day. It was an immediate jump in volume which I new would happen. I’ve had power cords do this with my subwoofer which a had to dial the sub volume down 2-3 notches.          

Furthermore this conditioner at its break in period and the Inakustik cord and furutech connector broken in now has made me realize the potential of this conditioner. It notched a couple levels as they broke in at 300+ hours. Extremely dynamic and spacious, bass hit hard and well rounded. One day I swore I had a subwoofer in the system as I hadn’t listened for a day or two and was really overwhelmed by what I heard. I also noticed focus of instruments and singers were more defined. I really can’t wait when I do get a subwoofer in the system how it will sound with this 3500P. 

One one thing too is my 75”KS9000 QLED looks really really good after plugging it into this conditioner. Extremely vibrant, blacks are blacker and even local digital cable(The voice) swore it looked 4K. It was that good. I would say a 15-20% better picture overall. And it’s not even calibrated yet!!!!! Wow. 

As I’ve said before, I cannot see myself taking this conditioner out with what I’m seeing and hearing....no way!!!!!

cheers and Happy Easter all!!!!


Gee, I guess this means that a bunch of those fantastic CPT cords/filters that were "...never going to come out of your system..." will now be coming out of your system and hitting the GON to find their new homes.
@bacardi ,Good to let us know about the improvements that you are getting. Is that the standard Inakustik power cord that was re-terminated? If YES, then who did that for you and what was the price?For me a change like going from a mid-priced monitor loudspeaker to a expensive floor standing full-range would mean a "night and day". I experienced that when I moved from the diminutive, but still excellent Quad 21L to the ProAc D48R. Was the change with the Furutech plug really that much? If yes, then I am a bit worried while considering this power conditioner - is it "altering" the source sound? I am also considering the the IsoTek Sigmas EVO3 which is similarly priced. The comparison link I provided above was between Inakustik and IsoTek's lower priced power conditioner, Aquarius. I wonder how the Inakustik would compare with the Sigmas.Thank You for sharing your experience with the Inakustik. Seems an interesting product.
The cord re-terminated was an Inakustik 2505 power cord. Inakustik no longer makes them. They now have the 2404air which is another level. This 2505 is a bigger gauge than the smallest Inakustik power cord which is mainly for source/pre low current. One thing to remember, my conclusions above was mainly the difference from a factory cord to a custom ended connector on a stunning Inakustik power cord. Bob at worldwidewholesales did the termination himself with a Furutech F11 female end. The cord was already broken in but the connector needed it’s time and to blend seeing as though it is connected to the wall outlet. The wall outlet has a Furutech GTX-D rhodium receptacle with carbon wall plate and Akiko Harmonizer on the outlet itself. So the start of the chain is a dedicated 20 amp line to panel. 

     That’s just saying that my train has a beefy engine running the whole train. And this 3500P conditioner is the power plant of the train for sure. Without it everything wouldn’t been in its place....
Thank You @bacardi 🙏
Inakustik AC-3500p users - do you keep the power conditioner "on" the entire time OR do you switch it off/stand by after the listening session?
I keep it on all the time......
Thanks again @bacardi
i own the Referenz Power Station AC-3500P too :)
One question:
on the back of each power connector there is a triangle - does this show the phase or neutral?
I'am from the EU so i have EU connectors.
@tenchi,Did you not get a manual with the unit? What does that say?
I have placed an order for this unit and it is expected sometimes next month. But really surprised that you had to come here to ask this. Either the documentation or the support on the product is bad. And that makes me worried, since I ordered and paid for one.

The manual says somethimg like:

„ask you vendor for right connection“

I thought the markers should be phase but i tested it with a phase screwdriver and it shows me „neutral“.

I sent the support an email and will get back..

in the end they can write this of this is the marker but if your connection in the wall is set up wrong.

I got two Bluray Players from Pioneer and the have marked „neutral“ (left) and live (right).

So „live“ should be the phase here.

Its only that i did not care about the power connections until now. ;)

dont worry the 3500p will be fine:)

I got a answer now,

the markers on the left is phase. 
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@tenchi,Good to know that they responded.So what are your thoughts about this conditioner? Any experience with other power conditioners? BTW, welcome to Audiogon!

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I received the Inakustik AC-3500p power conditioner today. Slightly underwhelmed at the packaging because the box was plain jane brown (but very thick) box without any "Inakustik" marking on it. The box was in GREAT shape, considering that it traveled from Canada to the US. There was very good packaging inside to prevent damage to the unit while in-transit. The unit was wrapped in clear plastic. Also the manual was a thin leaflet manual. It is a clean looking SUBSTANTIAL unit - almost as big (but not heavy or deep) as the Parasound A21 amp. Still, you cannot miss this power conditioner.
It is been an hour and I have put on a CD and left the room, for the system to warm up. I have been advised 24 hours minimum break-in. So when I go down to listen tonight, I expect no great shakes. Lets hope that this unit makes some difference in my system as it burns in.

Completed the first listening session with the new unit. Was expecting to be underwhelmed, since I was "left wondering" by a power conditioning demo at AXPONA 2017 and also the packaging of the unit - no fancy box, manuals, a generic power cord, etc.But let me leave this comment for now, more later, when I find time:

Audiogon probably had problem with my wording and did not post the final comment from last night. So let me word it more appropriately: