Experience with Inakustik 3500P Power Conditioner??

I'm looking at obtaining a power conditioner and had my sights set on an Akiko Corelli when an Inakustik 3500P got my attention.  I have found only one reference to the 3500P on Agon while there is some notable props on the Corelli here.  

Thanks for any experience you might be willing to share.
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I just ordered one; pending shipping. I’ll report back after I’ve had a chance to experience. 
Can I ask what convinced you to go with this unit?
Mainly, the non-current limiting and parallel filtering that’s not in the signal path, plus all outlets are individually isolated from each other. I wanted a unit I could plug everything into (less noise/minimize ground loops). It’s a fairly new product and I searched quite a bit to find all info/feedback. Translated the few stellar reviews. Contacted Inakustik sales with a few questions and within 24hrs I got a response from the head of product development. I should have it up and running in about 10 days. Hopefully the stars have aligned and we’re about to watch the seas part...
Good luck in your testing.  I'm curious to hear your opinion. 

This would be a big step for me.  I'm looking to insert a conditioning component, if that is the correct terminology for this component, into my system and then sit back for a while and enjoy the music.  I've made some big strides with my system recently and this should be the last one for a while.  
3500p arrived today. I rerouted my system wiring before powering up. Very impressive right out of the box! Substantial improvements in all areas. Considering the suggested burn in time of 100 hours, it will be interesting in the days ahead as the system settles and the 3500p develops further.
Had an electrician install a dedicated 20 amp circuit (10awg) with the full Furutech NCF suite today. VH Audio has a killer package deal with the top outlet, wall plate, and cover. Anyways, another leap in performance (significantly lower noise floor), but increased burn time. I may have 28hrs on the 3500p, but only 2-3hrs on the new outlet so far.
Another reason I wanted the 3500p was due to the ability to plug everything into one unit, hence the single 20 amp dedicated circuit. Really digging the 3500p
Trigg I’ve just logged in and responded to your PM ,.

Mike I also use the Inakustik 3500 reference which replaced the Corilli passive conditioner . The Inakustik is by far the best conditioner I’ve owned so far .   

Trigg VH audio + “1”