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Changing Magneplanar LRS jumpers for Neotech 12 AWG
i can’t take the maggie jumpers seriously. i use solid silver jumpers made by DH Labs 
Can Magnepan survive Wendell Diller?
fwiw i find it hard to rag on a company that is backordered on some models for months. they’re doing something right.i’ve  owned many expensive box speakers over a long period of time and find the .7’s with a perfectly integrated subwoofer to be s... 
Best lower end cables for B&W speakers...?
DH Labs. Ridiculously good regardless of the fact that they are not super expensive. IMHO 
Luxman tonality
well i lied. i think that the agostino progression integrated has the best mids that i’ve heard in an amp to include an ARC tube amp. however i need luxman’s treble control due to some high frequency hearing loss. yes i’d rather have the dag with ... 
Luxman tonality
I’m not so sure that the top luxman integrated amps aren’t in the league of the more expensive brands mentioned. a blind listening test would prove very interesting IMO. Forget the prices and just listen.  
Make Magnepan LRS Better
my advice is for .7’sprice irrelevant. needs a really good tight sub.  
Make Magnepan LRS Better
Experiment both std lean back position vs straight up? I personally prefer the std lean back position with VPI bricks sitting on the legs in the back and tweeters on outside. Also replace the awful jumper. Ymmv 
Audio Research REF 75SE and REF 80S
My personal opinion without knowledge is that it’s a lateral move plus the classic style of the ref 75 rings my bell. In all the years that ARC has been around i can’t fathom that they are still making breakthroughs. i would think that marketing i... 
DAC/w Volume control + Power amp or DAC + Integrated?
I’d strongly consider the ML 585 used for 6-7k. Excellent integrated amp with a good dac built in. Try music direct as they have a good price on them w a 60day return policy. FWIW 
Magico Customer service
I started the thread and it appears that Magico is an A1 company. Their service seems in line with the quality of their products. Very nice to know.  
Magico Customer service
i’m not picking on magico at all but really want to know what to expect if i were to buy used. i’ve seen more than a little arrogance on display when it comes to high end audio. i hope that this is not a fault of magico.  
Magico Customer service
i was afraid of this. obviously magico wants to sell new speakers with little regard for second hand units. this is disappointing.  
Magico owners S1Mk 2
Wise advice. S1 with a good sub should be exceptional.  
Magico owners S1Mk 2
Talk about price disparity. The S1 mk1 used can be had around $5000 whereas the Mk 2 lists for 18k. I haven’t seen any Mk 2’s on the used market. There were several upgrades for the. Mk 2’s but surely the Mk 1 will share a similar sound. I would t... 
Is Luxman a poor man's D'Agostino ?
I’ve had extensive use of the dag progression integrated and luxman 509x in my system.  I find the luxman to be an outstanding product all around. It’s a neutral sound without much editorializing. It’s definitely a high end sound in a luxurious pa...