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Hooking up a REL sub using a 2-cored cable
I would call REL. They will help you. I only use 2 cables on my setup but I run a bridged amp using a differential setup. 
Best Power Conditioner?
I think the simple answer is the bigger the better. I do not have the technical expertise, but the bigger the windings the better it will sound. I installed, audio friend with skills, 3 commercial units under my house all powered by 220 volts sepa... 
REL Subwoofers, Class D Amps and Neutrik Cables.
I have a pair REL Studio III connected to a pair of monoblock Spectron Class D amps. The Spectron amps are running as differential amps since they are bridged so the hook up is a little different but I don't use the black wire. 
Experience with AMR DP-777
I am sorry you lost a channel. I am still listening to my AMR DP-777 DAC but I am now using an transport which I like. In the past I compared my Oppo to the computer and the computer sounded better. I only recently realized my mistake when I tried... 
Eva Cassidy Live at Blues Alley Reissue
I was really thinking about the CD. It looks like there is a reissue. I managed to lose mine. 
Need for Power Conditioning??
Yes I have experimented and all my digital is isolated from my analog. I believe it is better but it was installed this way so there was no comparison. 
Need for Power Conditioning??
If you are building a music room, you will want built in power conditioning. Have it designed into the room. This is your opportunity to install a large unit to condition all your music room plugs. These big units hum and will need to be located o... 
Need suggestions for a USB and digital cable.
I use the Purist Ultimate USB and it is very good. You will need to tune your laptop for audio play. I would get on CA forums to figure out how to tune your computer system for audio best sound. It’s a road everybody goes down but in the end it is... 
Ripping CDs For Quality Sound
I think dBpoweramp is the way to go using an ASUS 6 gig SATA cable. 
Best bourbon?
My new favorite is buffalo trace’s Elmmer T Lee. What a great tasting bourbon. 
Please help with Spectron Musician Issue.
I own a pair of Spectron III MK2 monoblocks. I have had them for I think over 4 years without problems. I am curious since you have had both the left and right channel go out what turned out to be the problem with the amp? I am curious since I am ... 
has anyone heard Egglestonworks Savoy
I own a pair of Savoys and like them. I am a soft dome tweeter guy. Back when I bought Savoys, I did not like the current diamond or metal dome tweeters. Only recently have I heard some which I like. 
Do you run a high end power cord on your sub?
I don’t think Audyssey Pro has any effect on the quality of sound produced from the equipment. I have 16 sound panels and bass traps and constantly tune for the room but this still does not change quality or the speed and weight of the music being... 
Any opinions on the AMR Digital Processor 777 Dac?
AudiofunI have an AMR777 DAC and really like it. I noticed you have the Duelend VSF Black caps. Are these caps the copper version? Have you gotten the upgrade SE version coming out already? I can’t wait for the upgraded caps and SE mod. It has me ... 
Do you run a high end power cord on your sub?
I have class D amps which are fast but I have grown tired of the bass. It just seems too fast and taut especially for low bass. I like the mosfet sound for the very low bass in the REL subs. The mosfet just seems like the right speed for the low b...