Parasound, McCormick, Odyssey - best under $1000

I am looking for a new amp to power my Von Schweikert vr4jr's and until I can afford that Krell or Pass Labs amp I am stuck with this budget. What are your opinions on these amps. Are there others I should consider. Thanks, Wade
Used McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe for right @ $1000.00. Be patient as they come up on Agone regularly
I think you should try one and see how you like it. They're all good power amps. I'd be inclined to get a Parasound. There's a brand new Parasound 1500a for 600 bucks.
For under $1K, I would go for a pre-owned Parasound HCA-2200A.
I vote for Parasound, great line of fairly priced amps.
I have tried many including the Parasound. I think a great value in a SS amp at $1000 used is the Marsh Sound a400s amp. 200 watts per side. Need to use the XLR inputs for best sound. Get adaptors if you need them. The Marsh is amazing. In fact it will surprise vs the big $$ Pass amps etc. It is that good. I use one with my Dali Grand speakers and a Bel Canto pre6 - very good sounding. I also own a tube amp that I swap in and out when I want a change.

I have owned more great SS amps then I should have (to much buying and selling)and the Marsh takes a backseat to only one - the Mcintosh MC402. The Mac is the finest amp I have heard. The Marsh is in the league of the JC 1's, Belles 350A monos,Krell and others. A few years ago Absolute Sound felt the a400s amp was amoung the very best they heard - great review. Seems the industry has now gone on to the latest amp "star".

Deep, powerful and controled bass. The highs are amazing with no SS glare. Full and big sounding with world class transparancy. Bill
I'm using an Odyssey Stratos with my VR4jr's with good success. I haven't tried either of the other amps listed, but considered one of the McCormacks at the time.
A vote for the McCormack. Superb SS amp with some nuance and warmth. DNA-1 for less than $1K.
McCormack DNA 1. Great amp for the price. Better yet, buy all 3, try them out & sell the ones you like the least.
Having owned both a Parasound HCA-806 and McCormack DNA-1 and DNA-2s, I can say without question that the McCormack is a much more neutral/musical amp. The Parasound amp was punchy with good bass but I found the mids and highs to be very thin. I also had numerious reliability problems with the Parasound. I currently have multiple McCormack DNA amps and find them to be fast, accurate and just seem to get out of the way of the music.

Belles 150A hotrod/ref.
Odyssey Mono Extreme amps are right there with the DNA amps.
But the best bang for the buck is cj Sonographe sa 250
Hey Wade,
I cant comment on Parasound or Mccormack, but the Odyssey line is pretty impressive at its price point. I have a Stratos with the upgraded caps, and having owned Threshold, Pass Labs and currently Plinius, this amp doesnt run far behind all the big boys.
Mccormack DNA 1, DNA 125, DNA 0.5 Rev B
In reference to the opening question,IMHO you can not do any better.
I own Stratos monos and, while I haven't compared them to McCormack or Parasound, I have A/B'd them with my Krell KSA 50s (mostly using the Verity Parsifal Encore). The KSA 50 and KSA 50s (sliding bias) are lowish power devices employing a single pair of output transistors, and are sometimes cited as the best sounding amps Krell has ever produced.

The Stratos is a higher powered amp than the Krell, but both can drive the Parsifal to painful SPLs before showing stress. My real comparative experience is at more modest SPLs, where I've found that the Odyssey and Krell sound awfully similar and, to my ears, superior to most SS amps I've heard. In the context of my system, the Stratos are very, very good amplifiers.

Odessey amp + tube pre= heaven.
My experience with Odyssey Stratos and Parasound HCA-1205A is that the Stratos has more high frequency information which makes it sound more detailed and clear. The Parasound sounds very natural and has better bass but sounds rolled off. It does not reproduce high frequencies as well. Each amp is good but when side by side there are noticeable differences.

I have a Marantz preamp. It may be possible actually measure the differences with the Audyssey equalizer software but I have not made the time. I am using Signal Cable silver interconnects on both.

Either amp is a great improvement over an AVR (all in one home theater receiver). Any of these amps can be found used to help save money.
Another vote for McCormack.
My vote is for the McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe or the DNA .5 Deluxe. I've had both and they are very enjoyable amps. Finding a DNA-1 Deluxe at the $1000 price point is getting difficult IMO. A McCormack DNA .5 Deluxe under $800 is possible but once you see the listing jump on it.
7 years and 8 days between posts on this one. Is that a record?
The McCormack DNA 125 is a great amp that can be had used for around 1k..... I just upgraded my pre ,speakers,and DAC but kept my five year old DNA 125 because it's such a good amp . It would take a lot more than I'm willing to spend right now to better it.

I'm using it with a conrad Johnson Classic 2 SE , YBA DAC, and Revel M106 and it sounds great.
Forget Parasound, not in the same league as Odyssey and McCormack. Of the two, McCormack provides the most spacious soundstage but the Odyssey is one good sounding amp for the money.
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