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Hello all, 

This is my first message, im very happy to be here. 

I want to upgrade my proac d18 speakers. I like them, but i wanna a better speaker. My amp is hegel h160. I have some speakers in my mind like Spendor d7, Graham ls5/9 and harbeth super hl5+. I have not auditioned them so far. I want to hear your opinions about this upgrade. Thanks in advance. 

Hello and welcome spitzer45,

     First, your Hegel h160 is a very good integrated amp that I'd think are a good match with the Proac D18s.  It may be a good match but I also understand the urge to upgrade or just be curious about what other speakers would sound like in your system.
     I often get this urge myself, whether it's speakers or other audio components, and my intention is not to discourage you but to suggest you find a local dealer that would allow you to audition some alternative speakers in your home and system. 
     It would help to know your budget, room size and music listening preferences(types of music and typical volume levels you listen at.).
     Just off the top of my head, I'd recommend considering the Kef LS50 as an affordable option and the Swiss Boenicke Audio W5 as a more expensive option.  These are both bookshelf type speakers and I think your current Proacs are floorstanders.  Do you have a preference?

I’d advise against Boenicke... 
what do you find lacking w current speakers ? changing flavors is easy...and random......improving takes a bit more work, but IMO worth the work...
I've had a bit of experience with the combination of Hegel and Proac, though different models (Hegel H200 and Proac Response D2s). To my ear, as good as both these components are, the combination tended a bit towards shrill which I ultimately found fatiguing. Can't fault the imaging or the detail, though. I think your Hegel amp would sound spectacularly good through a pair of Ryan R620s. I currently have their R610s (standmounts) and am enjoying them immensely. Superb balance, imaging, and all the detail the Proacs deliver without the shrillness. Of course tastes vary, and the variety of speakers out there is virtually unlimited, so I'm sure many others will want to share their opinions. (BTW, just to throw in my 2 cents worth, I'm not a big fan of Harbeths).
Thanks for your replies. My budget is about 4k pound and My room 22x12 feet square. Yes, I like my hegel h160, it is really a good amp. I have no special concern about d18, Indeed i want to better speaker in every aspect. But better soundstage, neutral frequency response are my priorities.
I heard that ProAc sound best with tube amps.
If you like the proac sound but wish to improve soundstage & frequency response, ATC is an obvious contender, a 20, 40 or used 50.
Generally, of the ones you mention, the bigger Spendors & Harbeths (30 etc) offer a more complete sound in a similar style, i.e. better frequency response.

I doubt that you would go wrong with Spendor. Another Spendor that might be a nice fit is the A7 !

Really good suggestions.  I’m launching in a completely different direction.  Your Hegel shows Fixed/Variable Out.  ATC speakers were suggested.  Consider the ATC active for that much money.  Smarter people than me weighed in on my review of the ATC 40 active.

Hello again,

It was not on my list but I see some ATC suggestions, could my hegel h160 drive these 85 db speakers? 
Another consideration if you like your Proac speakers is to move up in the line. The D-30r with a ribbon tweeter is a big move up from the D-18
It was not on my list but I see some ATC suggestions, could my hegel h160 drive these 85 db speakers?
Easily, I reckon—as long as you stay with the smaller models (i.e., avoid the 50 onward)

I was referring only to the active ATCs, not the passive.  The 85db becomes moot.

     Just to be clear, celtic66 is suggesting self-amplified ATC speakers and using your Hegel as a preamp/volume control only by connecting the ATC speakers to the Hegel's Variable L+R outputs via XLR or RCA cables, not speaker wires.

Proac D30RS is in completely different league than your D18 this my current speakers and I guess it's my last speakers I ever buy. They have the wormth, depth and sofistication that the D18 & D20 don’t .Take into consideration initially the D30 sounds awfull and only after long burn-in period they really shine .
My hegel h160 line outputs have only rca connections, but atc scm 40a has xlr connections. How can i connect these, An adapter is a must? If so, is it a bad type connection? 

     The solution is either cables with an xlr on one end and an rca on the other or a male rca to female xlr connector adapter and a regular xlr cable from that to the 40a.


Hello again, I auditioned some speakers yesterday. Atc scm 40 passives, atc scm 19 mk2 passives and spendor d7. All of them was being driven by magnum dybalab md 208, 100 wpc into 8 ohms.

Firstly, Atc scm 40 passives, with that power, it was not being driven properly, dealer said that too. But one thing about Atc's is absolutely true, its midrange very good, very real, very lifelike. With spendor d7, i liked their wide soundstages and bass responses especially, it is very detailed speakers. But its midrange was not that good, like atc's. Atc scm 19's bass response is very good although it is small. Its midrange was perfect too. But upper and lower frequencies was not detailed as spendor D7.

I have to admit i have fallen in love with atc mid frequencies.
@d2girls- have you heard the W5 Boenicke's? 
I have, and they are fantastic sounding speakers.
     You're on the right track by listening to various speakers to find out what you like and don't like.  Discovering you like the ATC midrange is good progress.  
     I'd suggest asking that dealer if you can take a pair of ATCs home for a few days to audition with your amp in your room.
    I'd also suggest taking your time on your search and resist the urge to buy until you do fall in love with a pair of speakers.

The ATC 40 passive are not easy speakers due their very low sensitivity (85dB) I suspect your Hegel will not be able to drive them properly .I storngly recommend you to give a chance to the Proac D30RS, they are very special speakers once you hear it’s easy to fall in love with them and are very efficient and easy to drive.their ribbon twitters are one of the best I ever heard the special innovative pulp and mika massive driver deliver transparent natural mid and powerful yet very control bass.
Hello again, I pulled the trigger and bought Atc scm 40 passive version. After proac d18, it was really a nice upgrade for me. Especially bass resolution, soundstage and mid performance impressed me. But trebles was a bit roll off compared to proac d18, maybe after some hours it will be opened up. So far so good.