Older or Modern amp for older Speakers (NHT 3.3)

My tube amp currently puts out 60 watts. These NHT 3.3's are calling for more power.
I see (but never heard) amps from McCormack and Classe and others have been used with the NHT's. 

My question is to feed the speakers their power is there anything in the $1000 range new that can compete with some of these $1000 "old"/vintage amps ( McCormak DNA-1 or Classe)

The more I read about the McCormacks the more I like. But I have no chance to hear them ( or any other amps for that matter). I did hear the NHT's with the Bel Canto Evo 2 Gen ii. Sounded really nice. ( Made me buy the speakers).

I listen to Jazz and Rock mainly. 

I owned the 3.3's long ago. Very nice speaker for the money.
I was using an Adcom GFA 555 and PS Audio 4.6.
I think going the McCormack route would be a great way to power them.
The best part is that they can be upgraded by SMcAudio. In fact, if you buy a non working unit, Steve can upgrade it, because he installs a new board. He can also work within your budget.
What preamp are you using?

Very good speaker, owned them years ago, and for a short while again a few years back.

They like a bit of juice IMO, but I would get something warmer sounding.  I powered them with a older, but very nice harman kardon signature 1.5.

I had some 3.3's for about a year .My take was a great design ruined by inferior drivers .
For now I have 2 pre-amps in house. A sound craftsmen from the 90's that sounds clean and an old Hafler DH100. 

Looking into a Cary Tube Pre at the moment.

@dep14 what do you suggest for warmer? 


Even that old Adcom can be had for a song. I just recently sold mine, and it still worked like a charm.
The Hafler and McCormack seems like it would be a good pairing. At least, to me.
Had the NHT SB 3s and used them with a Prima Luna PL2 integrated.  Depending on the source, like a movie DVD, the PL2 would run out of gas.  The NHT 3.3 is the much bigger brother.  

I have been using the Class D SCA 250 amp ($500) for the past year.  Plenty of power.  Very musical.   


No desire to get into the Class D debate.  

I've had great luck running Threshold amps. Presently using a 550/E. Wonderful amp
Used to work at a store part time that sold the NHT 3.3 and we used the McCormack DNA 1 and Aragon 4004 and 8008 on those speakers. The McCormack was definitely the better of the two, but the Aragon’s definitely gripped the bass on those speakers but the McCormack a more refined amp. Usually it was a DNA 1 Deluxe. If you’re not going to send a McCormack into SmC for the full monty upgrades which will cost you, expand your budget a little and look for a ARC 100.2. The 100.2 is a great amp that I think will be a nice match for your 3.3’s as I recalled  can sound a little hot on the top so I’d avoid a sterile/cold sounding amp.

Definately moving out of your budget more, but the Parasound A21 would be a nice amp as well.

Love my Thresholds running my NHT 3.3's, as well.

Thanks everyone!

Grabbing a McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe. I will check back in when its all settled.

Grab a nice power cord and if don’t have and can, run a dedicated circuit to your equipment with a decent hospital grade receptacle to start with. If you can’t run a dedicated circuit at least use a decent receptacle; you don’t have to break the bank but get something better than a spec grade if that’s what you are using currently.
@photodusty ,
Good move. And +1 for a good power cord.
Steve also likes adding HiFi Tuning Fuses to the amp. I think there are 3 or 4 in there.
When I had my 3.3s, I vertically biamped them, passively, with a pair of Hafler 9505s that were modified by Musical Concepts. Significantly more energy, detail and dynamics than a single amp. The 3.3s benefit from biamping…...Enjoy ! MrD.
Thanks everyone. I have all Cardas Wire. (IC's, Power and speaker).

I will look into a dedicated circuit.

Once here I will report back with my findings...hoping for the best :-)

@photodusty ,
At the very least, change out the outlets to Hospital grade-even Leviton's.
Not very expensive, and an easy improvement.